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  • aw.......hope you can be more relax tmr^^
    i think i will attend some celebration activities tmr...i dunno
    but maybe i will send a ballon to him, i think its really a good idea=]
    um...i think there will have some of his fans do it too~~~

    bless you have a good day*hugggggggggs*
    hi, i'm so far haven't to see you,
    how are you doing???
    hope you all well,my friend^^
    um...and what will you do on 29August?????

    yep~~you're right...
    of course I'm welcome you to come to HK
    here is so great for shopping and so convenience too^^
    wait you come here one day=]
    Good in today?? bless you get a great day^^

    and also thx you posted in my homepage
    is it really?? i like panda too~~
    what do you think about HK??
    bless you^^

    and can you post in my homepage?? so that i can be more easily to know that you have posted CM to me...
    Hi Pauline Nice to meet u too :) where r u from? sure course ya can be my friend girl :)

    im from Great Britain although it is not so great hehe
    Hi you left me a message awhile back saying you live in B-ham and you were applying for a job at debenhams haha
    how did you get on?
    are you going to any of the MJ concerts?
    msg back !
    ah yes, brummy too and then warwick Uni in coventry....although I'll be based in London soon -- never got round to changing the location!
    awww thanks, i know haha seems like ages ago agi :) cant believe im 23 i feel older to be honest haha
    :party: hey! Happy Birthday:)

    (oh time flies..i remember you were 16 yrs when we first chatted :D )
    thanks :) i will do me very best to spread MJ news but mainly on a weekend when im not busy :) i am happy to be part of the team

    Hello mjsexbomb : ) I would like to congratulate you on your position as a news staffer. My name is Dorothy and I am the News Department Leader and will be showing you what goes on behind in the scenes in the news department. Again Welcome.
    ello :wub: Thanks for checkin my profile, if u want to know anythin just contact me.
    Toast to the goodlife :cheers:

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