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  • :hiya: glad your good :huggy: I'm fine too thanks :) loving the sunny weather at the moment :) :sun::girl_butterfly: it doesn't always stay long here in the UK lol :laugh: :umbrella: I hope you have a lovely week Irma :huggy: :) xxxx
    Great minds think alike, LOL! What Jermaine and Latoya did to Mike has always rubbed me the wrong way and I am quite vocal about how I feel about them. If Hell is real, there is a super hot corner of it reserved for those two, lol! :evil: :rofl:
    Hey, its no problem at all, I'm glad you accepted it :)
    YESS, thats me exactly, saying I'm obsessed with the BAD ERA is definitely and understatement! Glad to meet a fellow Bad Era fanatic!
    Hiya Irma :ciao::better: I'm fine thankyou , its lovely to speak to you :) yes Xscape is so cool !!!! Isn't it :bow: I'm loving it :girl_happy: :) how are you doing xx
    Aw gurl I didn't know you left me that msg cause I haven't been here, now I feel bad :$ lol. But yeah like I said on fb, hope to ttys ;) :heart:
    wuuut that didn't even make sense haha :lol: what I meant to say was you prob won't be here cause you're going out :p Geez I slept like 3 hrs tonight (I know, I can't complain about that to YOU, lol) & then drank a little too much coffee, that's why I'm rambling and not making sense:blush: ..anyways ttyl gurlie :ciao:
    Damn :bugeyed you must be tired! Me too, the more the merrIer :p But I gotta go, have to get back to work.. I'll be on tonight but you prob won't since it's morning for you then.. Hope to talk soon and have fun with whatever you're gonna do :D :heart:
    Haha oops too fast, damn phone -_- anyways, cuz I saw you're here and I'm on a short coffee break :p
    :popout: Hiya! Just wanted to say hi on here kinda for old times sake :lol: Gosh you know, I hadn't actually re-read any of our old visitor msgs or PM's:blush: But since our talk the other day I thought it would be fun to read em again, and I just spent the last couple hrs reading ALL that shit xD. We really did have a lot of fun together girlie, now that I've read them I kinda miss it :( Next I guess I'll have to listen to all that audio and be like :cry: haha :lmao: I already have some weird nostalgia-feeling with it like 'Do you remember the tiiiime (8)' haha although we don't even know each other long enough to be nostalgic :p
    Anyway girlie, ttyl, I love you! :heart:
    I'm great thanks! I'm just waiting for my internet to get sorted once and for all this weekend, I haven't had it for months so I've been sneaking on here whilst at work lol :shuriken: It'll be nice to spend more time here and get to know everyone better! :dancin:
    Sorry girl I don't mean to stalk you but:


    haha wtf! I didn't see you left me a msg like 2 minutes before I left you that last one o_O I guess my internet was so slow that I started typing that stuff before you posted yours:lol: Anyways, you must be so happy to be done with school:clap: I hope you got to finish everything ok and hope to ttys :ciao:
    Hi girlie, just wanted to drop you a line and ask how you've been doin' :) Looks like we're headin' for another 3 weeks:lol: I know I've said it a million times already but yeah, I still miss you lots haha:blush: please don't think I'm creepy!:crazy: anyways, ttyl girlie :ciao: :heart:
    Hiya gurlie, I'm doin good, you? So you mean tonight, my saturday evening? :D Sure girl, I'd be happy to make some time for you! Uhm I guess I'll just turn on my skype and see you there? Hope so girlie, I miss you too! Ttys :huggy: :heart:
    oh and I'm doin' good haha, thanks for asking :blush: Hope everything is going great for you too!
    Of course not, on the contrary! Like I said before, I miss you girlie. Whenever you have some time you could let me know, so we could maybe catch each other online and do a little skyping :) Or you could do a tape if you want to girlie, whatever works best for you :huggy: hope to ttys one way or another ;D :ciao:
    character limit<_< but GOD THOSE DAMN GIFS:mat: 'pussy had me like..' omg :rofl:!! it's.. I.. yeah. I can't look at them without hearing waterfalls :girl_whistle:
    haha dammit, and guuuurl => “I craved him constantly, so deeply it was a physical ache” <= very accurate description of my daily life ok. :girl_cry:
    Well I'm off girlie, I FINALLY got Wembley :naughty: + I bought the 'Michael Jackson's Vision' DVD-boxset soooo I'm gonna do some severe Michaelin' :rofl: Hope we can talk soooon, I love you :heart: :ciao:
    Noo it's no spam girl, don't say 'I'm sorry':bugeyed! Omg, you know how I always love to hear from you girlie:huggy:
    Anyways, I knooow! That interview, ugh I LOVE IT! I've listened to that so many times, aww he sounds so... everything, cute/sweet/sexaay omg! I love how he says 'kinda guuud' haha:lol: And yeah how their pockets were loaded with money :shifty: and they'd sell these pictures *talks and laughs at the same time* UUGH:dropdead:
    Anyway :p Yeah girl, they do look very similar don't they? I guess we have the same taste :lol: We could chalk that up to our list of coincidences :lmao:
    Ah, glad to hear girlie! Um.. They played ABC, Remember the Time & Black or White, haha. It's just a regular station but he gets played eeeeeeverytime I'm at work :yes: Btw, I fiiiiiiiiinally got those stupid Disney vids I promised to send you.. it's been like ages but yeah.. lemme know if you still wanna see 'em.
    Well, ttys girl, luvya :heart: Oh and thank your hubby for the hug XD He looks a lot like mine :eek: Look here we are, huggin'... :lmao:
    Aww girl, sad to hear that! I do hope you'll feel better soon :huggy: and btw OMG that post in MH..:heat: sweet jesus! That will keep my mind on him all day, for sure uugh! And he's playing on the radio now lol, anyway ttys girl! Love youuu :heart:
    Hey guurl, I'm off to work but just wanted to drop you a line real quick :p Hope you're doin great! Ttys girlie, love you :heart: :ciao:
    haha well I aaam, and this thing says you are too but I don't trust him so.. :dntknw:
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