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  • aww girlie, of course not! I hope you'll have fuuun, and I'm sure we'll talk later haha :lol: Sleep tight girl, I love you! :heart: :ciao:
    Hey guurl :D How are ya? I see you're on so.. if you feel like talking a bit.. lemme know :naughty:
    IKR?! haha girl yes I'm here. You wanna talk? XD If so I'll meet ya there:naughty:
    YAY:clap: tysm girlie!! Oh my, girl we're going nuts over this little clip.. well read that summary posted in the Brad Sundberg thread..:bugeyed I'm gonna have to save cause I HAVE to go there!! Anyways girl, thanks again:huggy: ttys, I love you:heart:
    omg girl I f*cking love you :wild: No I hadn't heard that before and I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it, TYSM!!:woohoo:
    I can't believe it either, I thought I had pretty much every 'demo':thinking::lol: It does sound very familiar though for some reason... but omg his vooiice, uuugh 'I've been kissin' on your photograph', you know it baby!:stars: And the 'give it to me' 'I really wanna have it' and that little spoken part:bugeyed. Ok I could analyze this whole song:laugh: but anyway thanks agaiiin!! And yeah haha, I was lusting so much over those damn pics you posted, I almost forgot to actually eat:lol: So it was a genuine lusting-break:naughty:
    I love you lots girlie!:heart: Hope we'll talk soon:huggy:
    Omg girl those pics you posted are to die for!! Some I hadn't seen before.. :stars: I hate how my lunchbreak is over and I have to stop my lusting now (try to at least) :girl_tantrum: anyways tysm girlie and ttys, love yaaa :heart:
    girl I KNOW, damn that picture had me droolin' all day... it's ugh, I keep staring at it.. Haha and YES you can see him smiiiile behind that :mat:scarf. But no girlie, I'm not :naughty: our dear friend skype?:lol:
    giiirl omg, I know how you love his I have to share! Too bad he's hiding that gorgeous face, but still, THEM LEGS :dribble:
    haha girl no I ONLY have potatoes so I thought ah well, let's make a potato salad :lol: I know I knooooww but it's like, the perfect kiss-face uuugh :lol::dribble: But yess girl go get some sleep:yes::naughty: Maybe we can talk tonight:D haha love you girlie :heart:
    I was getting some food :naughty: but OMG...... he looks delicious:shock: even when he's spinning dammit :rofl: :girl_tantrum: thankyouuu :huggy: luvya back :heart:
    awww girlie! It's alright, I just thought you didn't love me anymore :cry: haha lol jk, but thanks for leaving me that msg girl, very sweet:huggy: ttys girliiie, I love you! :heart:
    haha aww I'll respond to your ad girl:rofl: sure I wanna talk :yes:
    Hi there girlie!:D You're welcome, it's so cute :wub: & :censored: at the same time, as usual, sigh... Anyways, yeeeeaaaah I do:naughty: haha! Skype?
    Oh my gosh girl I didn't even see you were online haha! I just wanted to leave you a little msgs :lol: No maybe it wasn't, at least not as long as the usual for us haha :p .....uuugh how do I like that?! :naughty: Hehe, uhm I like it quite a lot, thank you dear haha :lol:
    Anyways I'll let you get to it and leave you with this pretty little gif
    Hope to ttys, have a nice day girlie! :ciao: I love youuu :heart:
    Hiya girlie! Idk why, cause we just talked and stuff but I kinda felt the need to say hi, haha:blush: I wish we could've talked a bit longer girlie.. also, I saw this gif again and immediately had to think of you :naughty: :lol:
    Haai, aw haha! Glad to hear that girlie:yes: And yeah sure, you wanna go to skype?:shifty:
    Hi giiiirl:hiya: Aw thanks I'm doin' fine, you? Hope you slept well ;D I see you just went offline a few minutes ago girl, but I hope we can talk again soon, love you lots! :heart: :huggy:
    Oh:blush: Well.. I tried:p Aww glad to hear you slept nice 'n loooong:D Yes girl I was :wub:-ing when I read 'bout how he drove around the block a couple of times first before he confessed:rofl: And ugh, I sure know how Michael+Bad+Japan makes your :heart: beat faster & I soooo love it too! Like these TIDFY Yokohama gifs, uugh I so love it lately :dribble:
    And this one, lol, I've been looking for it for a while now and finally found it again. His face is just priceless:lol:
    Anyways, ttys my girl, love yoouu:heart: :huggy:
    Que onda pendejo? :lol: haha lol jk, but uuuuuuuuughh girl, omg I saw that picture on FB this morning and went like :dropdead:. Did you also read the story with it?:D How he could ..ride it very well indeed :naughty: haha, but he just didn't know how to park, awww:heart: He's gonna kill me with his cuteness one of these days :girl_in_love:
    GIRL 24 hrs.... omg you need some SLEEP! I hope you're sleeping right now haha:sleeping: Anyways girlie, thanks for sharing and I hope we can talk again soooon, loooove you! :heart: :huggy:
    Aww:huggy: I laughed a lot girl, we had some pretty funny conversations:D Oh gosh:blush: I thought that program didn't work, lol. But ahw girlie don't worry about that, I know you're busy! Since you posted that a while ago I hope you got it all done by now & you can be like, *Michaels voice*it's a celebration:clap:. Oh and you're so welcome, that vid is so lovely:wub: Too bad those damn huge logos covered half the screen:lol: I wish I could find more but it's rare..
    Anyway girl..
    Hope we can talk a bit over the weekend girlie :ciao: :heart:
    I was fooling around a bit on Skype and re-read some of our chats:lol: and I miss you girlie! Sorry for spamming you today:blush: loveyou :heart:
    Oh btw girl I meant the vid where the screenshot is from!:blush: You know, the one with some Japan footage and only just pics of that meeting & the 'healing tape'?:lol: I'm sure you've seen it... cause yeah I've been looking like CRAZY for the actual footage of him and Akio Morita too, but never found that :(
    Anyways here it is, in case you haven't!
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