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  • Aw girl that sucks :no: I hope you'll be able to get some sleep as well..! Btw, isn't it annoying that the chat thingy is now completely gone? <_< And OMG that pic you posted is gorgeous:woohoo: Uuughh Michael in that hoody:girl_tantrum: Well girlie good luck with that translation, and I hope to talk to you soon. I love you! :heart:
    Hiya, yeah I'm fine, you? That's ok, no need to apologize for that! I'm guessing it's cause you're real busy with school huh? I hope they don't make you work too hard!;D Anyways, when you have some time to talk just lemme know:) ttyl girlie, luvya :heart:
    Haha yes it did girlie, ahw you were working so hard :lol: I didn't really notice either cause I was having dinner and stuff (I ordered take-away and it was DISGUSTING omg :bugeyed) but I do think there's one msg still 'pending'. I dunno if it ever got sent haha, if it did well.. just ignore it :D Anyway girlie, I hope you got it all done & got to rest a bit cause it must suck going to school feeling like that :eek:. Hope we'll talk again soon! I love you lots girlie:heart: :huggy:
    Aaww you left me :cry: haha jk, I hope you got all that work done girlie! And I hope we can talk again soon. I love you:heart: :huggy:
    haha indeed :shifty: They took out the chat-thingy, didn't they? :eek: So, not sure if you're online anymore.. If you are, yeah I'd like to talk girlie! Just lemme know :D
    haha hiya girlie! Yeah I thought.. enough with the drawings already, I want his real face!:wub: ttys :heart:
    Hiya Irma :) this is the first time I've been on for ages , it was so nice to receive your message :) I'm fine thankyou darling :) how are you xx
    SHAH IMAM:rofl: Look, for you:
    But yes girl! I left you some msgs on the chat but I suppose they didn't come trough either.. I went to take a shower lol. Now this thing says you're online but I don't trust him:shifty: So imma go get something to eat. I had a looooot of fun too girl, I really hope we can talk again soon:huggy: I'm free on thursdays so...:woohoo: Aww girl, that's so sweet:blush: Getting up 'early' to talk to you is definitely worth it too!! :D
    Get some rest girlie, I loooovvee youuu, you know I do:huggy: talk soon!:heart:
    aww, too many people around? :p Too bad though :( I have some things I wanna tell ya but it would ruin the fun, doing it like that haha:lol:
    You betcha:shifty: Well girlie, whenever you're online and I'm online too, lol! Of course I can still talk after I start that stupid job:mat:, but not so 'randomly' anymore I guess. But girl you're mostly online in the evening right? Cause those are my mornings and you know how I like to be lazy:ph34r: but for you I'll make some time haha:lol:
    Oh girl, TOO many:shifty: What about all our fave Bad Tour perfs:eek: hehe:naughty: Well girlie hope to catch ya on here soon! And HAHA! Gosh I don't think I can top that hahah:p Ok, I love you like.. like I love drawing our baby (and I love that a lot, lol) :heart:!
    Heheh you :naughty: gurl.. I did the same :girl_whistle: and yes was happy to see it's back! Haha me too girlie, I know the feeling :lol: Well, I'll be starting at my new job soon:( but up untill wednesday I'm free as a bird:D so yeah if it's up to me, we can definitely do that again soon :yes: Yaaasss there is so much for us to..analyze:naughty:! I can tell it'll be fun:shifty: haha, ttys girlie, I love you mooooost:heart: again :lol:
    Just dropped in here to say YAY the forum is back haha, and I've been staring at your fave bad era post ever since :in_love::stars:... I had SO much fun talking to you this morning girlie, hope we get to do that again soon! :huggy: ttys, I loooovvee youuuu :heart:
    Oh & btw, I'm having some trouble with those Disney vids..<_< So just so you know, that's why I didn't send anything not cause I forgot about you girlie ;D
    Hi gurl! WTF a tree branch fell on your house?! Wow.. now what huh? I hope nobody got hurt! Is there a lot of damage..? That sucks girl :( And no wifi too, some luck indeed.. I hope it'll be fixed soon:huggy:
    Aw very sweet of you to ask, yes I had a GREAT time! Especially (of course lol) the Thriller show.. made me have a million different feelings.. which I didn't expect:blush: Even before I was in my damn seat, cause there was this memorial plaque in the theater.. it said 'In loving memory of Michael Jackson, King of Pop' with one of those Liberian Girl pictures on it...made me :cry: & :dribble: at the same time.. I had to hold myself from kissing that thing haha. Went back the next day just to look at it real quick:shifty::blush: I'll tell you more about it later, maybe if we skype again some time. Or this will become another long ass message ;D I hope I'll ttys girlie, love you!:heart:
    haha too funny you said that cause -again- that's what I feel like too :blush: I don't wanna like STALK you or anything.. but no I'm not tired or wanna go to bed :D I wanna talk hahah ;D
    I dunno if you're still here :unsure: but.. I was just about to send you a small tape actually ;D I'll just send it and I'll be around here, so yeah lemme know if you wanna talk for a bit :D
    Character limit again :mat: Okay, the Disney thing is pretty long, I think 20 min. & it's in 4 or 5 different video's haha, but I'll make sure to send them to ya :) It was super impressive in real life, but that's because I was like a Disney fanatic when I was younger and it kinda reminded me about my childhood and what happy times they were..:cry: Anyway :p we'll talk soon! I love you most!:heart: (I had to:D)
    Aw poor girl :huggy: Homework sucks enough as it is, but especially at that time right! I hope you got it done and got some rest too :yes:
    Yeeess me too I have so much fun talking to you, seriously:D I laughed my ass of this morning:lmao: Girl you shouldn't feel weird about it haha, having said that I would probably feel the same :blush: it was kinda hard to reply you know, cause I had to make like short comments to keep it 'fluid'. I mean I can type pretty fast but it'll never be as fast as I can talk ;D Maybe next time I'll just go into the bathroom or something haha, cause it was pretty frustrating how I couldn't say anything, but I still had lots of fun 'talking' to you girl:huggy:
    Hey girlie, dunno if you're still here but we'er goin' out for lunch.. I hope we can skype sometime soon where I can talk too!:D I'll let you know when we're going back to work so we can talk on my.. home-alone-days :shifty::p
    Btw there was this great show in Disney cause it was their 20th birthday this year.. I taped it, I thought maybe you'd like to see it :) I dunno how much of a Disney-fan you are.. ;D but it was awesome imo. Lemme know if you would wanna see that, I'll mail it to you together with the captain EO thing as soon as I have it.
    ttys, love you lots :heart:
    Ok, you're not :p Anyways, I listened to your tape! Thank you girlie, that was cute:huggy: It was good to hear your voice again:D Or well, like you said, saying 'new' things haha:lol: I'd actually still listen to that other one even though it's 'pointless' now:lol::blush:. But yes, I did see MICHAEL IN 3D ON A HUGE SCREEN and I loved it :shifty: I actually taped the whole thing for you LOL! But girlie I'll just wait till we're both online so we can use that chat-thingy, I think that's easier:yes: Or maybe I'll just make you another tape..:unsure: I dunno, we'll see! :D OH and girl, it really sucks what you told me about your back, I so hope it doesn't result in something like what happened to you earlier...:no: I wish there was something they could do for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you girlie:huggy: I love you!:heart: ttys
    You may;D I'm in Blois, little city near the Loire so we're gonna go visit all the famous castles :) I know girl, omg I really do miss you already.. I feel like such a creep haha lol :blush:
    Aww :huggy: Nah we're in a hotel, this vacation is turning out to be a little different;)
    I gotta go girl but thaaank yoouuu for that pic omg :lol:
    Love you! :heart:
    Haha you haven't? I have, all my life.. It's great! :D but yes girl I think 2 weeks, we just go home when we're out of money lol:p anyway, checking out now, thanks girlie & ttys! Love you :heart:
    Yeah but we're having breakfast now, then leave! So this is the last wifi prob, cause we'll be camping the rest of the holiday ;) ttys girliiee, love ya :heart:
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