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  • Dear MJ'sOzFan,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday:flowers:! It says you're 73 years old today, is that true? Wow ! Such a blessing to have someone your age grace this forum :) Thankyou for being part of the most beautiful, loyal, loving family in the world! :yes:

    Please take care of yourself, have a great birthday and keep Michaeling always :yes:

    With L.O.V.E, blessings and all the very best:flowers:


    P.S-May I please ask if you had a different screen name earlier? I remember my dearest friend Dimity had an Australian fan friend by thye name of Dawn and I remember she (dawn) had another screen name. Are you the same Dawn? Hope you answer. Love...
    Hi Im in Australia too. I cant update my profile for you to see about me yet but i read your post about seeing Michael at 58 and so I thought Id say hello. Im the same age as Michael was born in 58. See you around the board! :)
    Hey guys!

    I'm sending out this message about MJ's 50th
    B-day present (the book). I was going through and checking all the submissions and I noticed a group of people that either didn't send photos to accompany their answered questions, or there is something wrong with the photo that they sent, and it won't show up. You do NOT have to send in a photo, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted a photo in the book would have one!

    If you do in fact want your photo in the book and you are getting this message, that means you've gotta send me one!!!! pm me back asap!!!

    And the deadline for giving me your photo is August 14th. If I don't have a photo from you then, then your photo will not appear in the book

    If you don't wnat your pic in there, just let me know!!!

    Thanks a bunch!!!:D

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