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  • Marie :)

    These are my Prayers for You.
    A Relaxed Mind,
    A Peaceful Soul,
    A Joyful Spirit,
    A Healthy Body
    A Heart full of Love..
    I Wish You Happy New Year

    Luv yu, Mickie
    Ik woon in Hardenberg, overijssel.

    Groetjes Janena
    That is so sad......it doesn't even make sense to do... ADHD is not a terminal illness where they need 24 hour care in a hospital. How can they keep him? Keep fighting, this is not right for them to do, but I am sure you must know that, being his mom. Is he exceptionally severe with his adhd? My son is 8 right now and all but the youngest were living away from me for a year.. I could barely stand it. I know it must be so difficult for you. Do you have others or just the one child? I am awful for writing people, but I could get my kids and myself to write him if you'd like. My son is almost the same age as him so maybe it would be nice for the two of them to write back and forth. Often times children with AHDH are brilliant in many ways with such busy minds. Just has to be directed to the proper place. Here, I thought this was a good article http://addadhdadvances.com/childadvantage.html
    Hello again Josephine sorry if i dont write more ...but i'm so busy betwenn work and Tournè Theatral with my amatorial company ! How are you i'm fineeeee !

    Kisses from Italy!
    Hi :) yes I have four children. What about you?
    Hello hello Mary Josephine ...i live in Savona (Italy) Liguria a little sea town ,i love Mj,Cinema,playrules,books:fantasy,horror t,thrillers, love and Acient History,Opera ,Musicals ,good food and Travelss !I like sing .... ! Amsterdam is wonderful town my Mother was going in Amsterdam a long time ago ! You have never visit Italy?ROME ,VERONA or Napoli? Tell me !

    see you soon
    Thank you ....Hello Mj tribute page ...What's your real name?My name is Sara and I live in Savona a sea town (Italy) i'am fan since 1988 !Tell me about you ...i seen Michael in concert 1997 History tour in Milan and i wait him under Hotel Savoia ,togheter anothers fans!
    Urmm, well you are a Dutch Patriot because you live in NL, and expat is a person who comes from one country but lives in another, therefore the ex part is added
    Haha, thanks :D

    I took the screenshot by pressing "Prt Scr" (on top of the "Insert" button) And then I copied the image in "Paint" with Ctrl + V ;) No camera needed :D
    hugss to you, awww yeah that Is tough ...
    I know you'll enjoy every second you two have left together ...
    I'm fine myself,Thanks for asking take good care okay? !
    Hallo, ik ben engels, en ik spreche kleine betje nederlands, kan wir spreche in engels nu?
    Oh! You don't see them? :unsure: They're still there, lol. About every colour from red, to orange, to purple :lol:
    nee ik weet het niet.
    maar ik kan me voorstellen dat er wel meer MJ feestjes zijn.

    maar ik heb geen flauw idee hoor, ik weet het niet.
    ik hoop dat er wel meer zijn :)
    you will need an image editing program, try getting something like Irfanview (google it)
    it's free software and will let you crop the picture ;)
    you will need to crop the picture that way, or start with a canvas that shape.
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