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  • Hey thanks a lot!!!!:) you have a nice avatar yourself..is that you???OMG we have the same b-days :) cool
    what do you want to add it to ??

    if you are trying to add your skype contact info to your information on the forum,
    go to your user control panel ('user CP' at the top left of the forum view) then click 'edit details' and scroll down to 'optional information' and look at the 'instant messaging' box and input your details :) Hope that helped... if not, hit me up again ;)
    Aw, awesome, is she Gabriella or Gabrielle?

    My video's coming along pretty okay, except I need to get tons of music videos since all the videos I have so far are MP4's (from converting them for my iPod) and for some reason they chug and are weird while editing... I can't exactly ask for those since they're released material. I'm a relatively new fan, so all I have in terms of bought video is the Thriller 25 Fan Pack Wal-Mart exclusive that came with the T25 CD, the T25 DVD, and the Number Ones DVD. :/ Some of the music videos I require are of course NOT on either of those DVD's. Fun times.
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