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  • Yes, I agree...It definitely is a mystery...But I think I've figured it out....It's just my theory though..I must have posted it about three times..in the 'Breaking News' Merged..thread....I feel a little more content now
    :) thanks for the compliment! plz show my videos to your friends and stuff kinda want to promote my first album ;)

    Well to be honest this is studio recording material so the only way to get that piano sounds is to get a good studio plus producer... :)
    Have a nice day!
    yeah, it is! That's why we love him! I can't wait til it comes out and we can all talk about it after! lol...
    I'm so excited for it too! I really can't contain it anymore! I'm just happy we'll be hearing some new stuff, and hearing his voice again..I'm really curious to see what he's written in the last while....Just can't wait!
    oh how weird! I don't know any fans personally who live in leeds. I feel like the only one. I live in Micklefield near Garforth :D
    Really? that is incredible! I have such respect and admiration for people who can write music..I'd love to hear it! :D
    All the time....although I don't even know what that is, or if I could ever do it...:scratch: :bugeyed ....You?
    Ya, i guess you're right.....everyone I know knows it....I mean, Black or White, Will You Be There, Remember the Time, Jam.....
    really? OMG, that's really weird....are these people your age? maybe that's why they've never heard of it...
    hahaha..i really love all of your descriptions of his music...you're so right! My fave is Bad...but it changes all the time....And you're right, they're all SO different....Who do you know that's never heard of Dangerous? It was highly successful...one of the biggest selling albums off all time (well, so are the rest of his albums :D)
    I can understand how you feel...Michael had gone through a lot in his life, but we as his fans were always there for him, even if you became a recent fan. But think of it this way, at least you are able to experience everything at once, learning everything there is to know about him, and discovering all that stuff...so that's pretty cool! What's your favourite album?
    oh right on! First MJ experience is Billie Jean! NICE! I think I was born with that song in my head, as I was born in 1982...lol...My mom is the same age as Michael, so she grew up on his music and then sorta passed it onto me I guess! It's so awesome to see a new generation loving Michael! :punk:
    aww...the link doesn't work..:(...I became a fan when I was about 6 years old, around the Bad era..My mom always loved him so his music was always playing...but it was after the Oprah interview that I really became obsessed! and the rest is HIStory! How about you?
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