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  • Hey shannon. I'm just wondering, what passwprd is needed for 2000 watts? I haven't been able to get onto it forever. Did I miss something? I'm confused..
    huh?? you? here? :blink:

    YAY! :D I'm happy to see you here! bring me good memories! :cry: especially when we were doing that contest... it would be this is it girl or something. aw I cant remember, sorry!
    also, it was funny when u would be watching us at the pictures thread!

    it was fun! :cry:

    Hello, I have not seen you here before. But you are a legacy member. I like to see members from times past post here again. It makes me feel like they haven't all been run off. I hope to see you more often.

    I am nobody important. I just noticed you that's all.:ciao:
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