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  • See I could just be the complete opposite and listening to what I wanna hear which is why I don't see what everyone else does :lmao:
    hunni I've got something that might cheer you up, not sure if you have heard it or not but someone has made an accapella of Breaking News have a listen...

    I mean maybe I've thought too much into this but this DOES sound like Michael so now I am willing to even stake my life that I was right about Sony
    :no: worries that's what I here for, if you ever need to talk I'm here to listen :)

    that's the way, see now everyone else that's so down about the situation just needs to have the same attitude and everything will be fine :D
    I'm glad that you are feeling much better about the whole situation, I was really concerned last night as I knew that you were extremely disappointed about the entire situation.

    I have heard those clips and if they are part of the album I'm going to be one very very happy fan, I love what I've heard of them so far so imagine what they sound like in full :dropdead:

    The more I think about it the more it makes sense, I laid in bed for hours last night thinking about it before I must of just got that tired and feel asleep.

    Although if this is the case and I am right Sony were every stupid, but then when you think about it Sony is stupid PERIOD so there isn't any surprises or changers there :giggle:
    :yes: I'm okay, are you feeling any better?, I'm positive that I'm right about this. but like you said we're going to have to wait and see how it turns out.

    Tell you what I'm going to be bloody pissed off if I turn out to be wrong though, you'll here me :blowup: from your place.

    Chin up I'm sure it will all work out in the end :huggy:
    :better: Hey sweetie is MichaelLover83 from MJJB I did have the same user name here but I changed it, listen I know that you are feeling really disappointed now and that's understandable but don't give up just yet I'm convinced that I'm right, everything will turn out how it should turn out in the end you'll see :huggy:
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild:
    eeeeheee ooooowwww !!!:wub::clapping:
    Ok so how about we need a place for IM chat or something. I soooo wanted to talk to you last night and you were MIA. Needed some MJ love.
    :waving: Hello! I just wanted to say that your avatar and siggy-work is G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!!!!:wild:! I love all of them!!!!!!! :)

    Could you send me the pic of your avi and siggy? :D
    how come I only have 2 friends here on my list? And you are the only one posted on my board! LOL I just figured out how to do all this today...I am slow! LOL
    about 3,5 hours...
    Its a painful spot.

    I have 2 other tattoos on my upperarms...
    One is a lion that stand for Bob Marley with ONE LOVE, B.Marley 1945-1981 written underneath.
    The other is the Klingon logo with the names of my children in Klingon around it.
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