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    Prayers For Maria João Silva Mother ..... Send Her Family A Major L.O.V.E Hug <3 March 20th, 2012

    Maria, os mues sentimentos pela tua perda. Sei bem o que e perder uma mae. Perdi a minha com 13 anos. Força... nao desistas... e a tua mae nao vai estar descansada se estiveres assim angustiada. Ela esta a olhar por ti. Beijinho grande
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    Man In The Mirror Live Adlibs..

    I don´t know why he didn´t sang live that song... In Bad tour he sang live another part of me... To me is more difficult to sing than MITM
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    Favorite Dangerous song

    This poll misses one song. Can´t Let her get away <nevermind already saw 1st post. But this one is one of my favs:)
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    hi Daniela just passing by to give u a kiss. BTW love your covers:D

    hi Daniela just passing by to give u a kiss. BTW love your covers:D
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    Michael Jackson: The Experience - Discussion News And Updates Thread

    I thought the game would be way better!! I´m a bit disappointed the dance moves are wrong and way far from being similar to MJ moves i really don´t know if i´m going to buy this :(
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    LMP; one more person to say Michael told her in 2005 who wanted to kill him for his catalogue

    what do you mean? i didn't think that!! She said that she never saw anything wrong with him and children!! Ofcourse she cannot put her hands on fire for him or anybody even a closed one! I believe he is innocent 1000% but if anyone asked me to bet my life on it i wouldn't! do you know what i mean?
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    New TII blue ray trailer WITH MJ's music

    Guys i got an email from Sony saying that the bluray and dvd will go on sale on 26th of January 2010. But in this trailer it says 22nd of February!! so wich one is it?
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    Least Favorite MJ Song??

    2000 watts it´s the worst song mj ever did! I can´t believe he put it in a album!! And privacy i don´t like it! Not the lyrics the music and his voice is tweaked like 2000watts the worst songs in my opinion! There are others (not that much) that i find less good. But that doesn´t mean i don´t...
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    Sold out???

    In my country this is it sold more than 18,000 tickets till last sunday!! And believe me for Portugal this HUGE! It´s a record!! Though it´s not sold out in my area!! But its close to be! :)
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    Jackson All-Star Tribute Line-Up Revealed + Promo VIDEO

    To tell you the truth i don´t like Jermaine, i don´t like anyone in that family!!! Except Janet and his children!! Even his mother seems "corrupted" to me!!! Jesus our Mike didn´t have luck with his family!!
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    ETERNEL : beautifull tribute magazine to the King of Pop (in french)

    I want this mag, can you kindly buy it and send it to me? I´ll pay you in advance through paypal. When you get a chance PM. Thanks in advance
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    'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Re: How many of you pre-ordered the OPUS book already? Guys i really doubt that they can stay long time with the price of over 300$ for a book!!!! Come on, 300$ for a book?? Ok i know its a MJ book but even so, it´s an outrageous price. If they will try to sell it at that price i don´t predict...
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    VIDEOS -Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland DVD Release - Interview / Preview

    Hello, I´d love to have this dvd but i think it´s not my region an plus i think it´s too expensive for a documentary. If i import it it would be more expensive than a bluray dvd! Plus, even though it´s a positive documentary i won´t buy it until the price goes down... Well i´ll have the dvd...
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    Michael Jackson Life of A Legend is Number One

    Thanks, J_Cat made it for me! If you want one go to her thread and request it! She makes great sigs