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    Jigsaw (8th SAW Film) (Directed by The Spierig Brothers)

    I am a horror fanatic and really want to see this
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    Did You See Michael in Concert?

    I didn’t get too I became a fan in 2015
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    Thoughts on dancing the dream

    I love the book so far it’s so interesting and the pictures are amazing what about you?
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    What do you have in your collection

    I have 5 album vinyls, 10 7” vinyls, I also have dancing the dream the original,also 2 cd albums.What is yours. PS not trying to brag
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    Tabloid junkie or scream

    Let’s see who wins
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    Little susie or is it scary

    I pick is it scary what is yours
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    Did Michael smoke?

    I don’t really know. Some say yes some say no
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    New Members - How Did You Get To MJJC?

    Because I heard about this website in a mj fan blog and got interested
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    Michael or xscape

    Let's see winch one wins
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    Thriller or bad

    What album is your favorite and why
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    Cult Of Chucky

    I love the franchise can't wait to see cult of chucky
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    Song of the Week - Superfly Sister

    Love this song so underrated
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    What do you think about tito time

    I love it!!!!! Tito time it's such a great album what do you think about it!