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  • hi :waving:eek:pps, ignore the words on the rep i gave ya regarding that picture.
    i get too confused these days,lmao.
    take care:victory:
    Ohh okay... I didn't understand the ending of Season 3 - Nicki coming out of the bath tub and then she kills that security guard? How come she's still alive? Is she Sylar or something? And what's up with Nathan changing the clock - so he still has 'Sylar' in him? *omg*

    Okay. :)

    So was season 5 ever shown? On wiki it says that Claire shows the 'heroes' to a bunch of news reporters, and it's all about that. :/

    So what did you think of the first part of Season 3 Heroes - "Villians" ...?

    And have you watched Season 5 yet?

    No one wants to discuss it with me in the thread. :(
    I'm 48 years old, so I was around when Elvis died. It was a huge thing, just as when John Lennon died or Michael Jackson now. The main reason why fans of any of these stars think that the death of their fave was a bigger deal than the death of the other two is that they experience it more intensely, but all three dominated the media and the airwaves for months.
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