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  • I'm 17.

    Yes, but it's a work of fiction. It's written and published and meant to be read as a work of fiction. I would understand a book like this to be written and published as a historical documentation. For me, when I read fiction, I need to escape, to get away from the mundaneness of my life. Reading about someone else's even more boring life is just not fun. :lol:
    And the first one is about stupid peasants going about their narrow minded lives. :no: I don't understand why anyone would write a book like that. I mean, if it were a real documentation of a real village and a real family, then I would understand, as it would have historical value, but as a work of fiction, it's just boring. I keep trying to finish it, but I just read a few pages and I feel like shooting myself in the leg. :rofl:

    How old were you again?
    I'm alright.

    Oh God, the second one is boring?! You mean worse that the first one? I couldn't even finish that one. It never ends and nothing ever happens. :no:

    You changed your name. :lol: I noticed the username in one of the threads and I thought this person has got to be Romanian with that name. :lol: And then I saw my posts on your page and I remembered who you were. :lol: Hate the book, by the way. :no:

    Anyway, how have you been?
    For me it doesn't. My brain is my brain and my feelings are my feelings. :lol:
    Neither am I. :p I just have a really good memory. :yes: So I don't need to repeat things very much to remember them. :p
    Oh, I hear you. :lol: Except I'm a lazy and bad girl. :no: I should be studying too. Don't ever follow my lead, ok? :lol:
    Yeah, I remember reading about that, although quite frankly, it has been a few years since I've had any contact with Romanian history, so I'm a bit rusty when it comes to dates. :lol:
    Many places. Cluj-Napoca, Bucuresti, Brasov, Oradea, Sibiu, Craiova, Deva. These are the big cities I have been to. Besides that, I have been to many villages or smaller towns such as Turda and Petrosani. I've also been to the seaside once.
    Well, I'm more into science than history.

    So, where in Romania do you live? If you don't mind saying, of course. I understand if you don't want to.
    Yeah, but there are those who are willing to look past all that. ;) Me, I'm not overly fond of it. :lol: But I have seen some beautiful places and I will always appreciate that. And the history, I've always liked the history of Romania.
    Yeah... it does seem more likely doesn't it? But you would be surprised how many people actually do take interest in Romania and its culture. It is, after all, a beautiful country with a beautiful history and a beautiful language, once you strip it of all the crap that goes on.
    You exclude two very obvious possibilities:

    1. I actually live in your country and/ or have family there/ my parents are from there but have moved.
    2. I have taken interest in your culture, thus learning your language, reading your books etc.
    Yet you insist on ex-soviet countries. There must be a reason. And no, I'm not from Serbia or Bulgaria.
    For. "Easier for me". :p

    I should warn you, mistakes irk me so I will correct you. Don't take it personally. Feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes in Romanian. ;)
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