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  • I have no idea when the DVD is supposed to be released, but I heard it might be in November :bugeyed :timer:

    Poland was really good, made a lot of new friends, I got back a few days ago :)

    How were your holidays?

    Unfortunately I only became the fan I am after his death, but I did like his music before then, even though I didn't know it was him who was singing the songs I liked! :p
    Hi hun,sorry for the looooong reply! xD
    School is back and i'm very busy =(
    I'll show you the t-shirt when i get a moment,ok? Take care! :hug:
    My mother bought me one a few days ago,it has his face all over the t-shirt! :wild:
    I think the adverts at the beginning had more 3D than the actual movie! :lol: :doh:

    And now we have to wait for the DVD release :timer:

    Yeah, a big fan! :D He used to be my favourite artist, but he's my second favourite now, only MJ can have the top honour :D
    Never been on a cruise before, no. but I was supposed to in 2006 when going to Denmark but it was too expensive so we went by plane instead. Lucky you! :D

    I liked some of the changes, like moving Snape's death scene to the boathouse and having Harry and Voldemort dueling all around the castle. I didn't like it in the book when all they did was circle each other and only fired one spell at each other. And I loved McGonagall's line 'I've always wanted to use that spell' and Molly Weasley's face after that haha! :lol:

    I saw it in 3D yesterday, but I think the 3D was unceccessary, there was hardly any.

    It's the name of Sean Paul's fourth studio album :D
    Don't worry girl,be patient... :hug:
    I watch it online too! :D Can you believe it? He didn't say donkey!! Not even once :lol:
    Summer so far is good thanks, on August 11 I fly to Poland :D

    I felt the 'not my daughter you bitch' line was too weak and the part were she just sucked in didn't look too good. I would have preferred it with all the creatures that were mentioned in the book (centaurs, Buckbeak, thestrals, etc) storming in and then each death eater gets taken down one by one. Then I would have liked to see the Harry and Voldemort scene where they fight all over the castle, before coming back in front of everyone to finish the duel :D He appeared for about three seconds on a broom flying into the battle, he even has a line. Here is a picture of him from the film:

    To be honest, I haven't seen it in the cinema yet as I've been busy, I had to watch it online (bad, I know) :lol: But hopefully I'll see it in the cinema today :)

    And yes, can you guess where it's from? :D
    I hope my mum gets the game for me soon! :lol:
    Nah,i don't have a job yet,i want one,but it's a bit hard right now :sigh:
    Yesss! Season 9 already!! Yesterday was the premiere,and today another episode! :woohoo:
    I'm good thanks, how are you? :D

    I saw it at a regular time during the day :lol: I also loved it, but there are some details I would have liked to see, let's hope there are additional/deleted scenes in the DVD release! For instance, I wanted to see a better death scene for Bellatrix, a scene for Fred's death added in, everybody watching Harry and Voldemort's final battle, more of the Battle of Hogwarts etc etc. I'm too picky :lol: :D I was hoping to see Fang in this movie as it was rumoured they would include him. It was also nice seeing Oliver Wood again and the inclusion of the Snape vs McGonagall duel :D
    Ahhh! Lucky you! I want that game :(
    I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter,but i like the movies =)
    Don't worry hun,you'll find a job,i'm sure of it :hug:

    Ps:Hell's kitchen starts tomorrow!! :woohoo: :lol:
    Hi there, we haven't talked in a while :p

    What did you think about the latest film? :D
    :lol: I ask that several times too! xD
    Well,this summer i plan to party a lot with friends,go to the beach,make some friends...stuff like that :)
    And you??

    Hi how are you ? :)

    Since you're on ma friend list, I just wanted to tell ya that i changed ma username (ma former username is pac).
    Yeah,of course i do! :lol:
    I had a little problem and i couldn't open the page,but it's fixed now :D

    Hi sweetie! How are you doing? Sorry for the late reply,i don't know what happened but i couldn't open the page :cry:
    I hope you're not angry with me...

    A little gift! :hug:

    I'm looking for Celebrity Apprentice 2010 and that's not coming up in this link anymore. It's changed over to The Apprentice.
    When I tried the links, I was suddenly only getting The Apprentice not Celebrity Apprentice. I'll try them again later.
    too bad :( but you still have a week :) Its good to hear that you enjoy your visit in Germany :D
    Ive been to california once. its really beautiful there.
    Are there any other countries in Europe you would like to visit? I also want to see Vancouver and Calgary and Yukon. Hopefully Ill be able to go there one day :p
    I'm not kidding, my breathing is the same as it was before the surgery :doh: :p

    If I were to go to a different country, I'd just bring along my own English copy :lol: I know :wild: I especially can't wait for the Battle of Hogwarts scene :D
    what date exactly r u leaving ? a possibility to meet up would be next weekend maybe.
    you havent visited düsseldorf or cologne, did u? :D maybe your guestfamily would plan a visit with you and your friendsto cologne or düsseldorf?

    i wanna live in the usa :p california, texas. somewhere over there :D or alaska.
    I'm fine, thanks! :D

    I hope you are enjoying your time in Germany, really nice country! But hope to see you around soon! :hug: Take care and have fun

    Did you get my PM about the Celebrity Apprentice link that I sent you last week? When I clicked on it last Monday it was no longer brining up Celebrity Apprentice links. It shows only the regular Apprentice shows now. Do you know of another link that would allow people outside the US to watch Celebrity Apprentice?
    I have recovered, but my nose feels exactly the same as it was before the surgery I'm afraid :doh: :lol:

    Glad to know you're having fun :) Is that the books or films? Do you understand them yet? :lol:
    Glad to hear you made it to Germany safely :)
    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I haven't been online in a month as I have had exams and a surgery which has taken up most of my time.
    How are you?
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