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  • Thank you so mch.I wish you and all your family,a very blessed and happy 2010.HUGS
    Thank you so much for taking time to answer my thread and your advices.
    I am not threatning myself dear.I made a decision some time ago,and one of 2 things will happen,after my mom closes her eyes.Which it will be,i don't know yet.In the meantime,don't worry with me.i'm taking care of mom needs me.HUGS
    I know it is so sad.. there are a few members I havent seen post since and I am begining to worry :( I pray they are safe and well. :praying
    Thank you very much for what you wrote to me :) I really appreciate you taking the time to reassure me. Take care
    Thank you so so much for your messages,for your love and support.
    love you
    Thank you so so much for your wise words.Even though i knew all you said,it was great to read it.I felt much better after it.HUGS
    Hej! Ja, det var verkligen länge sedan! Jag postar inte här så mycket längre. Det var nervöst i onsdags men jag fick biljetter till sist genom en vän. Vi ska gå ett helt gäng den 24 juli. Vad kul att ni också fick biljetter! Vilket datum ska ni gå? Hoppas att allt är bra med dig?
    x JN
    I just saw your name in a thread and thought wow were did she go? :eek: :unsure: Hope all is well :flowers:
    Hej! Thanks for adding me hun. It's been a good while since we "talked" but I've seen you around the board. Always love your posts. Scandinavians rule!
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