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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase The Michael Jackson Opus -- this thing is massive!
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    Songs that inspired Michael

    Much Too Soon from this song
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    Spike Lee announces Off The Wall Documentary - Estate Announcement Page 66

    I had to ask the same question for myself too. I ended up looking up this video and it has the same crowd shots at the 2 minute mark
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    your favorite EDM/Club Remixes of MJ songs.

    Smooth Criminal remixed by Ben Liebrand is one of the best I've heard
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    Heartbreak Hotel appreciation thread

    Aside from his amazing vocals in the song, his writing skill was outstanding. In my opinion, this song has the best plot compared to his other narrative songs.
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    Michael Jackson in Destiny the Game

    Destiny, from the creators of Halo, put up the Thriller dance in the game to celebrate Halloween this week. This all started last month when Bungie decided to put dance emotes for sale to fund its future contents. It included the Hammer dance and etc. though it didn't include any moonwalking or...
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    Let's guess possible songs for the next album

    As good as this sounds, these will never ever ever ever happen
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    Who is 'My Baby'?

    Haha it must've been a baby who never grew old :D
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    Unseen? Rehearsal photo from 1996-1997

    LOL that is not him! You can even tell by the drummer behind him!
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    The REAL underrated part of Michael's career

    I think all of The Jacksons album are underrated. Time Waits For No One, That's What You Get, Show You The Way To Go, Find Me A Girl, and etc are masterpieces!
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    Favourite Michael Remixes??

    Smooth Criminal Ben Liebrand Remix
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    Xscape General Discussion

    Just out of curiosity, has Cory Rooney given a feedback on Timbaland's Chicago mix?
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    The last film/tv show you watched?

    Re: The last film/tv show you wacthed? 40 Year Old Virgin :D
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    Was anyone else disappointed by She Was Lovin' Me?

    Jazz era music? Isn't more of a rock-type of song? Anyways, I agree that the 2010 was full of hype and it didn't fully live to it; it sounded incomplete despite the fact that it was pulled out of the project immediately.