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  • I apologize that I was too late to extend you a Christmas greeting last year but let me be very early this year!:D

    Hi, I love your signature/avatar picture of MJ, do you have it in its original size and do you know the year when these pics were taken in?
    Id like to compare it with This is it conference pics of MJ.
    I never thanked you for my birthday wishes back in 2009. Better late than never, right?

    dear, Hope you have a wonderful xmas ^_^
    Sorry for a late reply becoz lately been doing something else. Ya, havent been to mjjb. I wish I could since it is nice there :) I love talking to mj fans too. It's great becoz we are talking about the same man we love so much. That's my fav subject !
    :) Actually I am more a regular on mjjc than max jax because it is very hard for me to keep up with 2 boards at the same time but I still enjoy max jax :) I have never been to the mjjb.
    really ? What your username there ? I tried looking for Ms.MJ Fan2007 but it didnt give any result :(
    To be honest, this is the only forum left for me because there've been arguments in all the other MJ forums I've been at and it made me sick so I deleted myself from them!...
    A sad thing but nothing you can do about...unfortunately...!
    Well, I'm doing ok and you?
    Yeah, I haven't been here for a while because I had to deal with some other serious things...
    Nope, honestly I haven't been in Allentown, PA. I've never heard of that place either. hehe.
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild:
    eeeeheee ooooowwww !!!:wub::clapping:
    That's nice! Enjoy ur weekend! ;)
    Me, I'm downloading the new versions of the Victory Tour right now and tryin' to get a clean head. Havin' so many things on my mind, lately...
    hi :yes: i had too but know my old compture is like new compture my brother fixs it & know is good :) :jump:
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