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  • Well, whatever works for your "visualization technique", sunshine. Bwahaha. That "Off the Wall" medley is another good one for "lifting the veil". Hehehe.
    i know what you mean!
    Few people i follow on twitter and stuffs dont live here :(
    and the ones that do live to far away.
    It would be nice to no of people closer and who do understand.
    Cause i swear people look at me and go crazy MJ fan lmao xx
    i no iv seen some people on her make some true freindships
    i havent yet i dont really have time to talk and cant really
    afford to go to the meet up which is a shame. but the ones i talk to most
    is like :)
    Hi there :)

    I love your signature.

    What clip is that off ? also is there any pics of him during that clip?

    With L.O.V.E Romen :)
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