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    2/13/11 Michael's Grammy Nomination + Discussion

    Did anyone see the Who's Loving You influence and MJ spin that Bruno did complete with the dropping to the knees move. :D That made me so happy. I love Bruno Mars and I love how he is keeping the Greats and old school alive. Janelle Monae was great even though she was off a few times. I still...
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    Cee-Lo Green: I was afraid of Thriller

    I saw it in 2001 when I was 9 during an MJ special. OMG! I can't believe how amazing that video is because I was completely entranced and scared while watching it. I thought it was a movie at first. Sheesh, I can't believe an 80's video was BETTER than all the videos I've seen in my life at...
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    Is it just the new fans pushing for this album?

    I second what one user said about Breaking News. I was so EXCITED! MINDBLOWINGLY EXCITED for this album because I have not been around to see the other albums like some older fans have been. The album had so much potential to be huge then after hearing Breaking News, it just left me devastated...
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    "Big Boy": Michael Jackson's First Recording, Found After 42 Years

    This could be found in youtube after a simple search. I was very impressed after hearing it. No doubt you could tell he was a prodigy.
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    Official Charts Thread For ''Michael''

    HUH? There was nothing wrong with her comment. She was just disappointed.
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    If Michael isn't #1 in the UK...

    Well, maybe it's sold out? That's a good thing right? But then again.. I guess if you want to have your album... I understand. Hopefully, you'll find one soon. :)
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    If Michael isn't #1 in the UK...

    I know right. I don't even know this Take That band that they keep mentioning. On the other hand, Mike is known all over the world and he is a WORLDWIDE artist. We don't have to worry about the #1 position but rather the total accumulated sales. I think that's what's more important.
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    How much will the Album "Michael" selling?

    ^ I know this is MICHAEL JACKSON but is it even possible to sell that many albums anymore with the current state of the industry? I mean 20 million is how much HIStory sold and that was released during the heydays of the music industry. Also, Mike isn't here anymore to give creative outputs...
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    Billboard 2010 End of Year Charts - MJ positions

    Dang, he's the KING.... for sure. :party: Thanks! Appreciate this.
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    Black Eyed Peas album a flop at No. 6 on chart

    ^ BEP is funk? WHAT? That ain't right.
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    Hmh number 10 on itunes uk

    OMG! :party: YAY! Keep on doing a great job guys!
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    Have your opinions changed? (Cascio Tracks)

    ^ Cascio tracks... I still don't believe it's Mike...and if it is Mike, I'm kinda disappointed tbh. I have to remind myself it's a demo and Mike didn't finish it....cause....what else can we do?
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    MJ on Billboard Year End 2010 Charts, #1 Pop Catalog Artist/Album + many more accomplishments

    For the DVD, is that in the catalogue chart or the normal one? It's amazing how Bucharest is still holding the #2 and Number Ones #3 after so many years. :cool: HIStory too? :party: