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  • :popout:

    OMG! I'm seeing a mirage? Or I did not sleep right and I'm seeing things? lol! You're back! lol! Miracles happen once in a while.

    I knew you'd come back in December...

    Kisses for you...

    See you....


    :popout: >>> I'm waiting for his return... I hope everything is ok with you.

    See you...



    My friend is still missing... I hope everything is OK.

    See you... :hug:
    Helloooooooooooo :hug:

    *Editing my message to leave flowers for you >>>> :give_flowers:

    I miss you! :cry:

    Are you well? :mellow:

    I hope yes!!! Take care!! :D

    God bless you! :give_flowers:
    Somebody needs a hug? Like a "montinho"?
    I think you need!!!! Am I right?
    So.....catch this:

    We're here for you.....whenever you need! :)

    Have a nice day!
    Owww Do you need of hugs? Here are some of which I have!! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:....

    Kiss :)

    God bless you!!
    This song is from Frankie Valli (My Eyes Adored You)???? :scratch:

    I think I understand or I may be wrong...


    Thanks for singing for me. I have a friend quite funny. I think that answers my question. It really feels like I lost my friend. I hope this is not true...

    *Singing for you*

    When no one's around, then I have you here
    I begin to see the picture, it becomes so clear
    You always have the biggest heart
    When we're six thousand miles apart

    Sooooooooo far away...

    You did make me laugh... :)


    I know I'm not lost, but I think I lost a friend who is far away. :smilerolleyes:

    You understand...

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh....."I want u back"! :)

    "And snap one's fingers: BANG!" :rolleyes2:
    Thanks! :hug:

    TOY and very, very L.O.V.E for you!! :D

    God bless you!!! :angel:
    "TOY, BOY and ROY!"

    ha! ha! ha!

    TOY > Thinking of you :D

    BOY > ??? :scratch:

    ROY > ??? :scratch:

    OMG! Codes... :doh: I hate it! lol! I would be soooooooo happy if you were more explicit. I do not know what you mean. lol!

    Ok... Thanks for codes!!! :sad:

    Thanks for reading and for his kindness in responding... :smilerolleyes:

    You're back!!! :)
    Now, you deserve a "montinho"! :hug:
    This little clown here missed you a lot! :wub:

    TOY and L.O.V.E!

    I hope everything is well there... :hug:

    I'm going through here just to make you a sign >>>> :popout:

    Kisses for you... :D

    I'm not hearing any echo. lol! :D


    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo for you! :popout:

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