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  • :popout:

    Passing through here just to give you one:

    "Oiiiiiii, Holaaaaaaaaa and Helloooooooo". This is it! :D

    Kisses for you... and TOY and L.O.V.E. for you! :cheeky:
    "And this love I can feel and I know yes for sure it is real!!!!!" :) :wub:
    THIS IS IT!!!!! :D

    My friend, I hope you have been saved yesterday. lol! Passing just to say "Oi".

    Kisses and TOY for you!!!!!!!!!!

    You survived from the mess of yesterday! :lol: Have a nice day, Angel! :wub:
    Happy Birthday Sweet birthday girl!!! Hope it's a great one for you :) :hug: :flowers:
    Hi MP, it has been a long time. I hope all is well and you are doing fine. May God Bless you and keep in touch.
    Thanks for the compliment MP. YOU contributed greatly to the thread too with your varying points and poems. Keep enjoying it for all the "escapism" its worth. You take good care of yourself and I wish all those same wonderful blessings for you :hug:
    Hey, I'm passing here to wish you an excellent day with many achievements. ;) Are now 9:34 AM in Brazil... I still have a great day ahead... :)

    Kisses for you... :)
    It sure has been a very long time since I have heard from you my friend. Sorry I haven't kept in touch in a long while. Hope all is well and please drop me a line. God bless.
    "A faithful friend is a powerful refuge who discovered a treasure found.
    A true friend is priceless, imponderable is its value.
    A faithful friend is a vital balm and those who fear the Lord will find. "
    (Ecclesiastic 6:14-16)

    Kisses for you....

    hello, okay rita?
    I'm using translator because I do not speak much English so I speak a little to live in Brazil and making progress because my dream is to get to know Michael Jackson '
    because father never had when I was born because he did not want to know me know, my mother created me only when I had most everything and thank God that Michael gave me strength to walk my mom only to realize all my dreams, never quit anything in same, I just wanted a friend ...
    thank you-even
    I agree ok --
    can be best friends
    kisses ♥
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