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  • Haha yw ;) Doing well here.... gettin ready for work... even though it's my birthday and I should have been smart and taken it off.... ah well it will go fast enough :p How are you???
    it was a lovely gesture , so thanx you again ~you love that smiley dont you :giggle:
    its cute on you !
    im doing alllllllll the better for seeing you ,how are you doing ?
    all the better for seeing you my friend ,
    thanx you for friendship , it was sweet .:huggy:
    What reactions does MJ give you? He's made my hand/arm tingle!When I look at him and especially what The Bronx had on her profile in the visitor's message second page!
    I don't think you can go to the exhibition in the summer..
    I thought it was just till the end of Januari. :ermm:
    I'm going this Monday!
    And I'll be back Thursday!
    I will have a great time! :shifty:
    I'm going to the Official Michael Jackson Exhibition! :naughty:

    Hahaha slow day huh!
    I hate those days..
    I need to clean up my room and pack my bags for London! :woohoo:
    I can sleep in too! :clapping: :happy:
    There were some problems with a patient :glare: But other than that it went well! :)

    So What are you gonna do today?
    Not much..
    Just wanted to say hi! :shifty:

    How are you today!? :happy:
    You're lucky! :shifty:
    Today was my last test! xD A 3 hour-test about Management! :lol:
    I think I failed! :lol: Whatever it's the holidays now! :lol:
    how I wish that I was that microphone:ninja:

    oh how cool I always wanted to do that but somehow I manage to fall off the horse every damn time I try:lol:

    and you're welcome...I'm saving some of them for when you get back:shifty:

    but for now...
    I love your page! Hot mj gifs! :naughty:

    But to reply on your comment. I wish I knew who made that.. :lol:
    It's so funny!

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