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    Club MJJC

    Is this for people who donate through Patreon, or is it a separate thing?
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    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Hello everyone! I got to go to the Field Museum yesterday and see my favorite Egyptian statue! (Hence my avatar pic.) I feel like I don't post much on here and want to get back into being more active on this site.
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    Welcome to our new community forum and website.

    Very nice! I know I read more often than I post, but I love this!
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    The 'Nevermind" baby is suing Nirvana

    I saw this article and thought there were some interesting parallels between this story and the accusations against Michael. This kind of thing is a real slap in the face to people who have actually had things like this happen to them...
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    Gary, Indiana Hard Rock Casino

    Here's the pics I took at the Hard Rock!
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    Is anyone else curious about the public reaction to the MJ Musical happening later this year?

    Is it possible that she's learned more about it and has changed her view? Not really counting on it, but possibly.
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    Gary, Indiana Hard Rock Casino

    Yesterday I went to the new (just opened on Friday, and Tito and Marlon were there for that) Hard Rock Casino in Gary, and they have a whole room dedicated to the Jackson family, in addition to plenty of other Jackson 5 and MJ-related stuff throughout the rest of the place. I'm currently having...
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    Raising Money For A New Community Forum

    I get paid next on the 12th. I'm definitely going to donate then.
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    Michael Jackson & the binary, etc.

    I'm not the OP, but I presumed they meant the gender binary. Michael definitely bent the rules with that, and it's one of the things I love most about him.
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    Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) Reviews Captain EO for his Disneycember 2020 series

    Thanks for posting this! I love Nostalgia Critic. Ripping on people is kind of part of his deal, so I'm not surprised he made a couple of jokes; I'm just glad they weren't really anything hurtful.
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    Iconic four-story Jackson 5 mural demolished in hometown of Gary, Indiana

    Yeah, I've been to Gary to see his old house. (I only live about an hour away from it.) It's in a really rough area.
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    The Estate vs HBO

    "...the parties in 1992 did not intend for this provision to apply to HBO's exhibition of Leaving Neverland in 2019 and thus this dispute is not arbitrable." I'm not super well-versed in law, so I could be completely misunderstanding this, but it sounds to me like their argument is basically...
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    URGENT: Community Communication

    Just donated a bit more! Come on, people, let's do this!
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    Yesterday I was at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and they had DSTYGE playing in one of the gift shops! Very unexpected and surprising.