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  • I sent you a PM. I hope that helps you to be able to view your banners :)
    Let me take this time to also wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

    Much love, Qbee
    Hey hun,

    :D Thank YOU for requesting…:) And your comment on my page! i'm always sooo HAPPY To befriend a MJ fan…:D How are you?

    Oh, no problem. I understand.
    But I'm truly sorry to hear about your situations.
    I know its gotta be rough. I wish you luck in all of your endeavors.
    Take care of yourself ,as I'm sure you will. :)
    Hi Yvette. Just wanted to stop by to ask how you are and hope all is well.
    Take care Love. :)
    Hi mjalwaysonmymind,I see you don't receive PMs, so I hope you don't mind me leaving this info here. I believe you requested info about the offsite support forum. It's not affiliated with MJJC but is run by caring fans from here. The admins are Nova and Thrillerchild who would also be glad to help you if you have any trouble signing up! Hope to see you there! :huggy:
    The uk Daily Mail printed a story about the suicide of Evan Chadler and printed quotes from MJ fans that they got from an internet fan site. The comments sounded like the ones from here. The Daily Mail used it as a way to slag off Michael Jackson fans.. they were not very complimentary about us :/ I think the article is in the Enough is Enough section.
    girly girl this is too muc to bear, I don't wether to look at the front or back, but who lotta fnk is surely semming uo this olasce right know.

    Yvette! :hug: *sending you lots of love and hugs* :give_heart:
    I still cry so much each and every day, and miss him so much. :boohoo:
    good :) i didnt come to this forum to cause trouble, and I have apologised numerous times for that post. God bless you.
    I cant not send this in a PM as you have chosen not to receive them, but can you please not send me private messages with thatkind of content. I dont know what thread you are refering to... but if you had read all my posts, you would have seen that most of them were apologies for insulting any one with my opinions. I respect your opinions but any more private messages like this will be reported. thankyou.
    yep~~i've gone there. really so cool~~
    so good to stay at home and get rest, hope you well^^
    but why the plan will not going to happen???
    travlling were so good...
    yep, i'm ok since i have finished my travlling from UK~~
    i really love there, so nice to me^^
    how about your summer hoilday??
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