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  • Hey, how much are you willing to spend? We have an A2 Row E ticket for sale for September 29th (just one though)... $535 maybe you could stay with us so you're not alone?? We will be coming from the U.S. As well.. My friend needs the ticket money as soon as possible though, otherwise he's about to put it on ebay. Have msn or yaoo? add me... msn: or yahoo:
    hi there.. I got 2 tix for July 24th a friend told me he could come with me but he ain´t sure to get a visa, well when are you planning to go, I´m def going... did you buy tickets already? if so for when?
    Thanks everyone for your love an attentiveness. I've been stck in outter pace seems like a week now. My pasword reset problems...well, i'm back...NOW, let get back to the business at hand MICHAEL JACKSON 02 Concerts!!!!! I just checked and they are sold out1 it looks like there are some left later on towards the end of the year. That is going to be the best for me. otherwise, I'm doing fine. ;)
    Happy Birthday, Yvette! :birthday:

    and I'm sorry to hear about your dog, how very sad. :no:
    Hugs to you! :hug:
    im so sorry to hear that yvette. :( thats why im afraid of having a pet :no: i hope shes in a better place now.
    Thanks everyone and happy new year. We've been very close to home during the holidays as ur dggy got sick with seizures. It was so hard t see her sick like that. We took her to the vet and they stablized her and gave her meds but after the chrismas hoildays she got wore. She passed away onJanuary 22. We've just ben so sad. We had her for 14 years sice she was a little puppy.
    hey yvette i just read ur notes on my profile on msn. i didnt know we could post notes there and i never got any notifications. so i just discovered it accidentally. better late than never lol.
    Merry Christmas, Yvette! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    lol, yes, great idea... we ended up not going to my mom's for thanksgiving because my doggy had 2 seizure so we had to put her in the hospital and we picked her up on thanksgiving day. Thanks to god she is much better now and has medication. She is almost back to her usual self. lol But she is up in age ,(13) yrs old. We just couldn't bear to think we would have to put her down. So, we'er thankful. We will have our thanksgiving meal tomorrow at my mom's house.
    Happy Thanksgiving - and remember, bring your TUMS if you're gonna eat too much today! ! LOL!
    Yea maybe...I have made siggys for so many people so I can not remember them all=/
    What do you mean with "can you update my siggy"? =S The link does not work either...

    hi yvette :D well, michael has been seen out and about a lot lately. some fans went outside his house on his bday and a few days before and they met him. he stopped his car and he signed a few autographs. there was a thread about it during that time. i hope u enjoyed ur weekend in vegas and had lots of fun :D i hope he makes an official appearance soon so we can all go and see him properly. its been a looooong time....
    hey yvette. hope ur having a good weekend. did u do anything special yesterday on michaels bday ? i attended a fan party myself and had a pretty good time.
    Hey, do you have any information about a party for Michael in Vegas?

    Please share! I'd love to go!

    Thanks. :D
    Hi Yvette! How are you? :)
    Hope all is well and you're having a great weekend?
    Take care! :flowers:
    hey yvette. no i'm saving my money only for events that michael attends. this is just a fan party. i dont know anyone whos going but there must be a thread about this somewhere on mjjc. are u going ?
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