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  • this is superrr late but thank you so much for the holiday messages!! i hope you are having a fantastic 2010, and here is some michael right back atcha :D

    He is the real meaning of love, beauty and magic. I could never love anyone the way I love Michael. I just cant. :heart:
    Yeah. He is the most beautiful man in the whole world. :wub: I love him and I miss him so much! :weeping:
    I know.. :weeping: My Christmas was spent with sadness. I am in absolute tears right now. Totally unbelievable! I just DONT understand! Incomprehensible, the more time goes on. I'm mad, sad, distraught, confused, devastated, crying..........
    Hi sweetie. I missed you :( I am feeling awful.. I can't stop the tears. I can't stop thinking of Michael every moment of the day, I love him so so so so much, what a crazy love! I want him back! :weeping:
    Thank you. I'm so sad..I can't stop crying.. wish he was still with us ...wish I could give my life.. I can't resistance is breaking. :(:(:(
    Hi lovely. How are you? Just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas; thank you for being such a good friend - hope we can continue our friendship in the new year...

    All my love,
    Please, help me... I cant stop crying.. I cannot sleep ...I dont know perhaps tea/.drinking tea or camomille.. :weeping: I dont know what to do.. I'm dying..
    I know, sorry...I'm a mess. Thank you for being patient with me..
    Now I am crying all alone, I am choking.....I have serious problem with my eyes and I cant stop crying.. I miss Michael so much....and I cannot sleep anymore..I am crazy :( I cant stand it anymore..

    All my love to you..
    An everlasting sleep is what I truly need.. I once was happy, full hopes and dreams, now my mind is full of nightmares and screams. :weeping:
    I'm so so sad right now.. sorry.. I was watching 1 Liter of Tears (Ichi Ritoru no Namida) and I'm feel soo sad and I shed 1 litre of tears too.. I cant stop my tears.. I wanna die too.. I miss Michael so much. I cant it anymore.. :weeping:
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