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  1. How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? well if you are able to see a doctore or anything ask him about embreal (spell check) its a shot that you gotta give yourself twice a week. it sucks but works amazingly. anywho hope you feel ok. =)
  2. ............. Is what I need

    to punch myself in the face is what I need....
  3. How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? ah yea fujon I know how that is.. I have had it sense I was about 7 lol. it sucks big time esp in cold weather. If you dont mind me asking do you take any meds for it? I take this one kind and it works perfectly. When I take it like I should I would never even...
  4. How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? hmmm its friday... i am tired of work and ready to hit broadway and get drunk. :D
  5. Say It In Four Words

    Re: Say it in Four Words what the fu#$ mate!
  6. When someone says something negative about Michael does it change how you feel about that person?

    When I first became a fan it was really hard.. Anyone say the slightest thing about Michael and I would go off on them. Now that I have gotten older its not as bad. I still stand up for him that aint never going to change lol. But I relize now that people are going to be stupid and talk about...
  7. What are you doing this very second?

    sitting at work board outta my mind and looking back at this thread and seeing how LAME amanda and me were back in the day lol
  8. Will Michael ever perform again?

    its hard for me to see michael NOT ever performing again. I mean I aint talking about world tours or anything.. But for Michael just to complety stop is a tid bit hard to believe.
  9. Pic of the holographic Thriller25 cover

    cant wait cant wait cant wait!
  10. whos lovin my birthday cake??

    aww how cute! I am so going to make my friends get me a cake like that for my birthday.
  11. The Epic Thread of Random-ness [MERGED]

    Guys suck ass! >_
  12. What are you doing this very second?

    Getting ready for tonight...time to paaartay. :innocent:
  13. ............. Is what I need

    a beer :pth:
  14. Kiss or Diss?

    kiss! tattoos