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  • oh its cuz i have a new SN (i was receiving death threats on the other one) - LongLiveKingMJ
    hey hows it going just wondering if i could get a copy of the this is it tracks please how did u get the digital copy? my email is
    Hiya Man,

    Do you have Get On The Floor (Original Mix) in WAV or FLAC @ all please?
    yeah i haven't been there for a while now - just checked the site's front page and they seem to have a special fan-remix show for Mike's 50th b/d which should be cool. hope to see you there.

    also.. how did you get the mix sound to pop and sit so well? i'm into remixes and production too but my problem is always the mixing stage..
    sup, your RTT remix is the best i've heard of fan-mixes this year mate. great stuff.

    ever heard of they host streaming radio and have a lot of special shows whereby you can submit your tune in and any others to air - it'd be great to hear a show from you.


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