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  • Yeah, it certainly won't include ALL of Michael's performances. Actually it is still in the level of idea.I haven't started to work on it yet. Plus DeDeviL hasn't finished audio mix yet. That DVD isn't good at all. I can say that my Munich 1999 remastered DVD (if you haven't downloaded it yet) is a lot better than that one. It was really fail DVD and I'm a bit ashamed of it, if you understand what I mean. It was done wrong with many mistakes. Since I didn't have experience. Now I do a lot better. I'm not very big follower to the trial. I don't even watch it. However, I did at first. But for me it's too boring process. I know all the news anyway since they are posted in News section :) - Rudolf
    Hi, btw if you liked my MITM megamix, you can download it in 2000watts in no-logo VOB :D
    Was studierst du denn?
    Ich kenne nur MJJC :D Früher bin ich mal in nem anderen gewesen, MJJSource oder sowas. Das war aber irgendwann down. MJJC ist auch das beste ;)
    Grüßlis, Julia.
    *Neid* Ich liebe Bayern :)
    Ich wohne in der Nähe von Düsseldorf.
    Was machst du denn in Berlin? Ich würd aus Bayern niemals wegziehen ^^

    Seit 25/6 gibts hier im Forum mehr Deutsche. Ich finds auch gut. Aber die meisten Deutschen sind ja im Malibu Fanfoum.

    Hast du Facebook?

    Grüßlis :)
    Hey :ciao:Nonoka...
    As long as I have my 'daily dose' of MJ :wub: I'll be FINE... Hope your 'sleeping probs' get less though...
    I'm gonna tell you a SECRET :blush: Daryll (my MJ life size doll) sleeps with me :cheeky: otherwise, all I do is stare at the ceiling...
    Have a good day, dear :better:
    If the glass in the limo's were tinted, then I'm 99% sure there was a famous person in there :D

    I don't have any questions at the moment, but if I do, I'll ask you ;)
    That's ok, thanks for your birthday wishes, even if it is exactly one month late! I appreciate it :D :D :D

    Good to hear that you enjoyed your trip, but yes, traffic really is awful, especially in the big cities :p :lol:

    Lovely pictures, I'm jealous, I want to visit there one day :) Did you see any famous people over there? :D And I bet everything was expensive :p

    Yes, my holidays started at the end of June and I go back to college on September 1. I travel to Poland on August 12 :)
    I'd also like to visit New York to visit Ground Zero... truly horrifying what happened there 2001 and now it will be the 10 year anniversary this September, it will be so emotional for lots of people.

    I don't know how he could have gotten so stupid, but he did get expelled (finally) on the penultimate day of our final year at that school so it was a bit pointless really. Unsurprisingly, he drank and smoke before becoming a teengager and I wouldn't be surprised if he did drugs as well. Thanks for the concern :flowers:

    The best thing I got from eBay is the 2300 Jackson Street 3" CD single signed by Janet and Michael :D

    I hope you have a very good time in LA and that you get to airport on time for your flight :)

    If I see a plane in the sky tomorrow, I will guess that you're on it :lol:
    If I were to go to America, I would visit New York City :D

    Someone broke my nose over ten years ago and since then I've had difficulty breathing through it, the doctors thought surgery would help but it hasn't :sigh: Although, it does give me something in common with Michael since he had his nose broken, had difficulties breathing so he had to have surgery as well :p

    I go on eBay to buy lots of MJ items :D Especially rare items :)

    Yes, it will be very emotional I'm sure :(
    I'm doing alright, thanks, how are you doing? :)

    I have exams as well, I hate them, I don't always get good grades, but I try.

    Lucky :p I get holidays after my last exam which is on the 24th or 26th June, still another 14 or 16 days :timer:

    I had nose surgery a couple of weeks ago to help improve my breathing, but it didn't work. I spend a lot of time on eBay now, even though technically I'm under their age limit :D ;)

    Wow, I'd love to visit LA, lucky you! :D I hope you have a great time over there :cheers:

    I've got nothing planned for the next two weeks, I have to study for my exam :doh: :p
    Ah they're not friends.They were just students from Atlanta and were visiting my town.And because my class is on an English profile (I study English for like 10 years as it's not my native language) we had to hang out with them and present them the town.They were pretty funny.
    For me the iPod Nano is easier because it's smaller and does everything that a bigger iPod can do except go on the internet :)
    No problem ;) If I didn't know you were German and Hungarian, I would have thought you were English or American :)
    The only mistakes you made in that sentence were noticed (which should have been notice) and perfectly (which should have been perfect), so well done :clapping:
    I hope you enjoy your time there, and I'm also sure June 25th will be emotional :(
    Yes, that was quite long :p
    Hi Nonoka :)
    Yeah, exams are a bummer :( I have a few in May and June so I also need to study a bit :coffee:
    I like the iPod Nano, I don't really like the bigger, touch screen ones :p
    Sometimes I tend to much up my words when I write long sentences so sometimes people don't understand what I'm writing :lol:
    You know a lot of English, you write as if you were actually English ;)
    Cool, I've never been to Hungary but I have visited Germany a few times. I'm half Polish and half English :)
    Never heard of the Whitsun holidays, but I hope you enjoy your time in Los Angeles :D I've never been to America (the only North American country I've visited has been Canada) so I'd love to go to New York one day :)
    Hey Nonoka :)
    :p You can call me SCREAM, Phillip or Filip ;)
    I'm doing good thanks, just about managed to finish my project before the Easter holidays started so I don't have to worry about anything from school until I go back :D
    That sounds great :wild: What I've done on my playlist on my iPod is put every single song Michael did (J5, solo, background vocals, producer, etc) in chronological order and listen to it all the way through :) It takes several days to finish because there are so many songs :lol: I also include Janet Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family so I have the whole of the Jacksons' discography in one place :D
    I hope you undertood what I just wrote :p
    Have a great holiday, regards,

    :heart: :wub:
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