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  • like simular way ,been there in a simular way .....i dont mean for once instant like omg...i have been tthere before oh my god i kno what im talkin about .yah this is what we do liss...i dont mean that .i just felt the need to say my thing and im probley going to go deeper.actully ,maybe ..becos the subject of the story , my expeince hope to give you a comfort, a sesne that no, your not alone...yeah im repaetin..life is so senseative.the whole thing and i relise this ,huggs .t.o.y.lissy.
    like keeping things in like allll the time l...not good .like built up for 2, 3, yrs maybe more .so when explaining it may not make so much sense cos ive keep it in so long and thats jst the begining ... but it has been realy nice,to let you in,.... um... moving .is that the word idk ....its realy rare that um..i personaly can open up about ....things , in genral but.ive feel like ive lernt just in genral a bit more just by talking with you .and that maybe tellin the negative experince ,it becomes posative and a comfort for you ...so theres some good in it after all so i kinda aunderstand a little ...cos ive sort of been there before sorta ..but .so i hope that you find the same comfort ,or simular hope.it gives you a some kind of a comfort when talking to me too babe just in genral also ..not just the deep bits n such :angel:. you are strong and thats the thing ,you kno excatly what you want .and i think you are an absoltue treasure to everyone around you gal,bless you.
    No and it is driving me crazy! I couldn't even do anything that day trying to figure out who gave them to me! I just wish they would have said who it was from so I wasn't thinking they are poisoned or drugged! It makes me think that way because I have called everybody that I know and why would they mess with my head? I am about to throw them away because I don't want to risk it!

    *runs to facebook* :wild:
    WEEEEEEEEE :dancin: congrats on the apartment :huggy:

    you keep on dreamin' :p

    EDIT: GRRRR :rant: I didn't find anything on facebook :smack:
    Thank you! :hug: I am not giving up on finding a job! I really hope you get the Petsmart job! I really had a fun time today when you came over and can't wait for you to spend the night! :hug:
    :shock: you believe Charlie but not me
    fine :beee:
    I want pics of you :rant:
    & I already told you you were technologically challenged so I'm not surprised about the camera thing
    :bugeyed you don't believe me? prove otherwise then :beee:

    A pool? :swoon: now we're back to teasin' :weeping:
    I'll let you keep the fitness center if you give me the pool :wild:

    Good luck with the job interview hun, I know you can do it :hug:
    Glad everything is OK :)
    Missed ya too :huggy:
    That is awesome you had a fun time at your brother's wedding and I am glad it went well! :hug: I know packing is a pain in the butt; I helped my dad's friend move in to a house all day back in Feburary and was so tired! I hope the new apartment is nice and you all like it! I am doing well and still looking for a job and not giving up! I am just in the same rountine and keeping myself busy including watching Michael :lol: I hope you are doing well! :)
    Moonieeeeee moonie moonie moonieeeee :huggy:
    I've been on MSN all day & night but you weren't there :rant:
    :dont_mention_it:nah not really :giggle: ya know how I LOOOVE to MSN :smilerolleyes:
    A new apartment? :wild: now you'll know how I feel & stop teasin about livin in a house :p
    Oooo it's October already? :bugeyed :doh: someone owes me photos :girl_whistle:
    Golden eyes? :eek: someone seriously owes me photos :ermm:
    Missed ya hun :hug: hope you'll be back online soon
    You're welcome! I am sorry I didn't call you back yesterday, I was dealing with that spider! :hug: That is good that everything is almost approved and good luck on the job hunting! :)
    That would be awesome! :) There is actually apartments really close to me before you turn into where I live! I am sorry this is not your year! I am praying for you and your family! I know everything is going to be fine! :hug:
    Yes I did and they were suppose to call me today and they never did! I am going to apply at Round Table now since they haven't responded back! I have done the calling and they only called me once to tell me they would call monday for the results!
    How are you doing? I am doing good just getting over a cold! I am so glad I am better because I layed in bed for two days straight and just wanted to be back to normal! I hardly see you on here when I am and no body still is ever on when I am on!
    Hola :D
    Long time no talk :p Yes few mins is a long time :p
    What the bajeebus :wild: i haven't send you a visitor message on here ever since May :p Wow ! now THAT is a long time :baby::she_devil:
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