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  • Wow see, I haven't seen the Black tote. thats sounds cool..I'll have to go check it out last I was there I only saw the magazine cover one. you lucky duck. if i'm going to get one I should probaly do it soon with all the sales coming for the after holidays.
    Hey.. I just saw your message. I stayed logged in here all the time :lol: I'm happy 4 you about the shirt that you wanted!! :) I need to get The American Dream again too,badly. Wow see,I've only seen one version of the tote bags, the rolling stones cover one,but I've not looked at many stores/outlets either so tell me what store or online did you find them at? ;) let's see..I bought 2 of the TTI collectors cds (keeping one sealed) a magazine-like TII book,4 other MJ/Jacksons/J5 cds.. another Captain EO brand new,which i'm happy because my other one was getting woren. :D
    :huggy: good 2 hear from you~*~*
    hey you. i miss you.. i need to hear of all the wonder MJ things that you've gotten since we last talked.
    :huggy: aw...your so welcome hun ..
    and how are you sweetness ,i hope you are well ? .and thanx you for caring :blush:xox
    Hello, I observed You come here several times a day, or night (05.05 am in my country)... I love this place.
    no probs moon!! oh really? was this dream clean? ha ha
    Your lucky you have MJ dreams, i keep praying before i close my eyes at night that i dream about Michael!!
    Hey I've been reading your posts in the how are you coping thread and I just want you to know that if you ever feel the need to talk you can pm me ok?

    Big *hugs* to you!
    I wish everyday that Michael was still here physically. But he's always with us. The sky was beautiful the other day and you could see the stars so clearly and it comforts me that Michael is there, looking out for all of us. I will watch YouTube videos and it doesn't register that he's gone. His legacy will live on through his music and he's always there. What we did the other day outside the o2 was we all signed a helium balloon a member bought with messages for Michael. When it got dark we released it into the sky, giving it to Michael. It made us feel closer to him and what was amazing was there was quite a lot of construction work and trees, and we were sure the balloon would catch on something. It missed everything and flew out of sight behind a cloud! We all knew that was Michael doing that!
    Awwww hun. Its awful but we need to stay strong for Michael. Each and every one of us. Watching tributes just brings it all flooding back doesn't it?
    I had some MJJCers with me so it was ok. Had to drink a fair bit of wine though! I went to sign the tribute wall that was up in early Aug as I had to go to London and my god it was hard. It wasn't busy as it was a Tues afternoon and it felt so empty. I just kept thinking, 'this isn't fair. Mike should be here. I should have been up here on the 17th barely able to contain my excitement at seeing MJ for the first time. Now I'm here writing a tribute wall.' I want to see TII for a third time but everyone I know has seen it now so will prob just wait for the DVD now.
    I was lucky that both times the cinemas were packed and the majority of people were wearing MJ shirts. The first night was insane-people dancing in the lobby and singing in the cinema waiting for the film to come on. I guess it depends on where you live, where do you live again? The second time I saw it was at the o2 arena which was obviously not easy for us!
    My mum commented on my reaction whenever I see Come Together the other day. She says its funny as whenever it comes on I start smiling and sit back in my chair, and I get really excited. When you saw TII was your heart pumping really fast when you came out, like you had fallen in love all over again? I saw it with some MJJCers and the said they all felt the same thing I did!
    We've all seen the videos on YouTube of fans mauling him, the ones in London are insane. There were police everywhere! I think someone staring at him in a car would be the less creepy thing he had to injure. I'd probably open my window and shout something. Resist all temptation to get out of my car and knock on the window!
    I always laugh at that bit! Private Home videos was on TV last night and I cracked up watching it. I presume the car had blacked out windows though so people would never know he was in there. Can you imagine being in a boring traffic jam, looking over and seeing MJ dancing in the back of the car!
    Very true. There are some amazing and heartfelt signatures on this forum, your one is just beautiful God I just made the mistake of watching that R Kelly tribute when I had just put on my make up-now I have to re-apply it as its all streaked from crying!
    Thank you so much hun! I just adore that picture of Michael and saw on a website that signature. Asked if I could use it and they said yes. It's not my own creation sadly, I'm terrible at photoshop!
    Ohhh yes:D
    I'll send it to you as soon as I get finished with the macros I'm making:D
    I'm making a sequence of macros that are going together that should be really funny:D
    I dont know.... it was something that u PM'd to a few girls.... u said it was not dirty but it would still drive us crazy, but u didnt want to post it, so u sent it by PM! :) remember now? :huggy:
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