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  • Hey Petals!
    aww thanks :D :huggy:
    I didn't PM you?
    What was I supposed to send you?
    :doh: I'm sorry I've been out of it the last couple of days, but now that my friend Apples is back my head is getting sorted out :D
    Hi Moon!! :waving:
    Your siggy is soooo beautiful!!! Awww!!
    I'm soooooooooooooo sad u didnt PM me!!
    Hey-You. dropping by 2 C how you've been. I bought some more MJ 'stuff' :lol: :huggy:
    hm I don't remember :lol:
    aw I'm sorry :better:
    I'm doing as best as anyone could do in the situation;)
    HEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where was we with our email about MJ collections...? I've been down with a cold and I'm just getting better. I hope that you're well. :huggy:
    Hello everyone!
    Moon here!
    Just found out I had visitor messages disabled:doh:
    So I'm going to add a little gif to make up for it hehe.
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