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    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Available to Buy on Amazon Prime

    For everyone who has been wanting to get a digital copy of Moonwalker it looks like Amazon is selling it now for $7.99 to own. If you want it I suggest getting it ASAP because it seems like with some MJ stuff one minute they are available to stream or buy and the next they aren't, but once you...
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    D.S. (Audio)

    I like the song and of course the sentiment fighting back in his own way against Sneddon. But at times I find it way over repetitive. It needed some more verses and a bridge I think.
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    What Changes Would You Make to Invincible's Track List?

    I would’ve retired the album to Unbreakable. Also without pulling from any B-Sides or Unreleased music I would’ve made the album shorter with this track order: 1. Unbreakable 2. Heartbreaker 3. Don’t Walk Away 4. Threatened 5. You Rock My World 6. Buttefflies 7. Speechless 8. Privacy...
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    On which album do you like Michael's voice best?

    This is a great question because his voice did seem to change drastically from album to album. I think vocally my favorite is probably on BAD. Thriller is very close though.
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    Most beautiful ballad on Invincible

    Don’t Walk Away punches me in the heart every single time. His voice and the lyrics are flawless.
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    your fav song of Michael written by himself alone?

    ‘Who Is It’ is mind blowing. It’s my favorite song ever.
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    Thriller vs Dangerous

    Dangerous is his greatest album in my opinion. I feel that it was his creative peak. I mean the songs are so incredible and I believe it had 11 hit singles off a 14 track album! That’s incredible!
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    Poll: Michael Jackson's Greatest Album Opener

    This is a toss up between BAD and Jam for me. I honestly don’t think I can choose. It would literally be a flip if a coin.
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    2000 Watts VS Heartbreaker.

    Heartbreaker is amazing to me! 2,000 Watts is a fun one to hear with friends though cause it shows them more of Michael’s ability vocally and musically.
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    Is Billie Jean really the best MJ song?

    Not in my opinion. Not even in my Top 10. I would put Stranger In Moscow, Will You Be There, Smoot Criminal, Man In The Mirror, Who Is It, and so many more above Billie Jean. But I do understand those that put that at #1 because it was groundbreaking when it came out and he created the greatest...
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    HIStory Album Anniversary Poll :DDD

    Well this isn’t an easy question, but if I was forced to only pick one song it’s Stranger In Moscow. It really explains a lot of how I feel inside too. I completely understand the sentiment. The video is also just incredible. His facial expression and the slow rain really creates an amazing...
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    Best concert closer

    Man In The Mirror will always be my favorite closer and one of my favorite songs also.