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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Thank you very much! You are amazing! Really diverse set list! I assume Shout is not MJ song Shout from Invincible era? I'm also really glad that they included 2 Bad, Tabloid Junkie and Money instead of Scream. In my opinion these are all better songs than Scream but they are always in the...
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    @rpvee Can you please comment on the songs also. Is every song fully live (live band + live vocals by the actors)? Or is there any per-recorded album music and real MJ vocals? Also can you name some songs (or all that you can remember of) so we can try to get a picture of a set list. Thanks!
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Thanks for the answer!
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    ^^Thank you very much for your in depth review! I now understand the "timeline" although I'm still bothered about historic inaccuracies - like money problems in 1992. MJ was full of cash back then and he didn't need to take mortgage on Neverland. He did the whole Tour not to make money, but to...
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Please post your review here afterwards! And please explain us the timeline :) Thanks!
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    The plot takes place in 1992 (rehearsals for 1st leg) so Stranger In Moscow doesn't exist yet. And even if it is 1993, 2 Bad and Money don't exist until 1994/1995. It was confirmed by the people who saw the dressed rehearsals that they do mention the allegations (briefly but they do). Which is...
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    In my opinion it is weird that the show takes place in 1992 but MJ is rehearsing songs released in 1995 like Money, Stranger In Moscow and They Don't Care About Us. Why they didn't just place to show during the HIStory World Tour rehearsals instead??
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    The Michael Jackson Musical: 'MJ'

    Sony wanted Money. Michael wanted They Don't Care About Us. Michael won but in this case Sony was right at least for US market.
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    Whats YOUR Top 5 MICHAEL JACKSON songs?

    1. Who Is It 2. Billie Jean 3. Dirty Diana 4. Smooth Criminal 5. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
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    Three Jacksons' albums will be re-released with bonus songs and the Live will be re-issued

    That song is from 1987. It has nothing to do with 2300 Jackson Street which was released in 1989.
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    Case Against Michael Jackson Brought by Wade Robson Tentatively Dismissed by Judge,

    Amazing news! Been waiting for this since 2019!
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    Michael Album Appreciation Thread

    I disagree with you. His version of Love Never Felt So Good is in my opinion awful, unlistenable while Timbaland version is brilliant. He did decent job on This Is It (I prefer Anka original demo). I'm not a fan of accordion he added to Much Too Soon and live audience from Bucharest he added to...
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    Cascio Tracks at Least Written by MJ?

    Some of them were written in 2010 after MJ died so probably he wasn't involved in writing any of them.
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    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    Teddy Riley did not write Hollywood Tonight. He wrote that awful spoken bridge in 2010. That's why he's credited on the song. Hollywood Tonight and Hollywood are the same song.
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    When was "Little Susie" actually recorded?

    The quote is from one of his public tweets. He also posted his written notes about the song when he was at US Copyright Office: