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    I am speechless my friend:eek:

    Edit~An absolutely beautiful piece. So lifelike and real .
    Thank you for the video Pace It's beautful Makes me cry
    Have a great rest of the week too Catch up soon, Take Care x

    Magic of michael :wub: Wow! It is really beautiful :yes:

    I am doing okay Pace my friend thanks just a little busy .How about yourself ?
    Pace, yes Michael is .He really is :wub: Welcome so welcome -and thANKYOU too I thought that the videos were sweet too .Fencing eh ? Swords ? nice !
    Pace my friend ! How's the week going there ? Ah yeah. :) Penguins hehe It was soooo sweet to see that lol I just had to comment ,and ..through the tears and pain still smiled. When I saw that lil guy amongst the roses and art
    Aww I am okay thank you Missed you and everyone . thank you for stopping by hugs .!
    Hi :ciao:Yeah When I sign in I will always come and say hello:D I am okay Pace thank you for asking . How are you ? I hope this week has been a good one for you
    My New Year Wish for you
    Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    Hi Pace , Thought i would come to say hello :) thank you for thanking me on "that thread" .I Hope your well xx

    Hey Pace, i just read you were a Stephen Colbert aficionada, same as me. Both him and Jon Stewart rulllllle.


    :D Funny, funny men. God bless 'em.
    Oh dude I just saw your message on my profile! I've had to stay away from the board since that thread, it just made me so upset. I just....ugh, it disgusted me. But thank you so much for everything you said, I completely agree with you! I'm glad that there's sane people out there, ones who can see through the system and society's need to blame women no matter what. I can tell that you're into the social justice scene - as am I! - and I'm very glad to find someone with similar views.

    Thank you!
    Oh okay, I thought there was this Sherlock Holmes motive ringing loudly. Like Holmes, House could pass as a 'Botanist', knowing pretty well what happens when people ingest yxz, but couldn't keep a plant alive if his life depended on it. Observe until you find how how the patient got sick...
    And right, House loves spacing out to nice soundtrack.

    ACDC not so much, honestly and Queen- I love gems like "Killer Queen" for example- a brilliant example of amazing songwriting with an incredible structure, almost old fashioned, it's such an organized song.
    You're probably not gonna find too much music outside MJ being discussed here on this board.
    I actually edited my last VM and added 'a bunch of?'... Since I have no idea whether you know a lot of stuff about one or a dozen other topics, since I don't really know you very well. Lol...

    And yeah, there are a lot of similarities between House and Sherlock Holmes. I'm pretty sure actually that David Shore (the creator of the show) mentioned the fact that Houses character is heavily influenced by Sherlock Holmes, especially since David himself is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. It even comes down to things such as the relationship between House and Wilson (Holmes and Watson?) and then, of course, there's the obvious resemblance in House's reliance on psychology and inductive reasoning, even where it might not seem obviously applicable, and his reluctance to accept cases he finds uninteresting. Then there the fact that both House and Holmes play musical instruments and take drugs...

    What about music? Are Queen and ACDC in your playlists?
    Hey ,T.N.A., on 'few topics'? :hysterical: Gosh, thanks for making me laugh. Yeah, I do like House, especially that Sherlock Holmes deduction type reasoning that even Spock will quote in Star Trek. "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Now, what you deem 'impossible' is clearly up for debate, as even Dr. House finds out just in about every episode- which makes him such a loveable jerk- but the thing is that even Dr. House teaches and gets taught a number of lessons, or his patients would die off like a plague infested city in the Middle Ages. And besides, even Stephen Colbert has a Dr. House picture hanging around- who am I to question Stephen Colbert's tastebuds?? :bow: Thanks for the request. :yes: And welcome to the forum. Would be boring if we'd all be the same.
    You're kinda cool and apparently well informed on few (or bunch of?) topics, which I admire! Just though I'd add you as a friend...

    PS: So you're a House fan too?
    thanks.. if there wasn't support or encouragement I would have packed my bags and gone by now. :) so u're appreciated
    Thank you so much for the support. It's deeply appreciated and you've helped so much with all your extensive knowledge. Prejudice against natural born men is rampant in the USA but I hope that is slowly but surely changing. Your support means the world! :)
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