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  • Yeah, I also don't know what goes on inside those people's minds...
    Hey, you :)
    I've just read your post on the thread about only MJ fans being the ones who find him attractive.
    I must tell you, your words brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful what you said about him... So sad Michael had to face all those bad people...
    I think just like you.

    God bless you.
    You´re welcome. :)

    And I´m positive it will be even much much longer. ;)
    awww just wanted to say thank you for your nice wishes!!! much apreciated!
    Well, I got some GREAT visuals after reading your comment, thanks! I had to substitute the veil for a top-hat though, it kept getting in the way of my fantasy! :p
    Hey, just wanted to mention that my comment in the Rant thread got a little out of context; I originally pointed up ^ at one of deano's posts pushing the "vocals are real" argument again and pointed out that that was not what the thread was for. Things have gotten so so so confusing in every way! :p
    It was well deserved. And I relate to the feeling of wanting to bash your head against the wall, happens to me all the time here, lol. Was your previous user name Modulation Alert, btw?
    oh, and pace, feel free to add to our purple thread any time....annny time. i love that kind of imput best .cant thanx you enough ...honestly. x.
    pace , hi ...i hope this week is being ok for you .i have chked out the link. you have such a beautiful creativite mind .very impressed .very soulfull.very deep.i will write a longer pm soon , have had a busy week so was unable to write properley.yes. i agree it is wonderful to meet such a beautiful kind person such as yourself .i look forward to our friendship bloomin,:flowers::peace:.
    i just googled ...does it mean what i think it means ..if so, your are an even more deep and senseative nice to be your friend ..(ooh :doh:excuse my spelling there)its in italian right ?..or:unsure:
    hi friend, :flowers: it does.absolutlety ..i was waiting for someone to get it . and got it .:heart: can i ask, what does your avvy and your sn .mean ?its all very beautiful.
    hi :waving: it wont let me rep you as i have given out too much , write here .. i just come to say i truly adore what you have shared/given/opened on our purple true ...sooo true. ,... .:yes: blessings for your week ahead x
    “Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”
    Angela Monet.
    Never wrong to see the magic where others were blind.
    I just listened to the "Give in to me" inspired piece on your blog, oh wow... You are SOOOO freaking talented! I'm playing it over and over. :)

    Oh, and - I agree about Cialis, haha! :D
    I've just have a look on your site, and feel so much joy when seeing someone like you, trully gifted and sensitive, to speak so full of hope for Michael's messages, value and role for this life. Thank you and hope to hear soon from you!
    Thank you. I am truly grateful to have this wonderful being push me out of my own comfort zone. He's one strong man and I'm grateful to experience what I have and to be taught the things I have been taught. It's been the blessing of my life!
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