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  • :hello: back my friend!:)

    I'm good thanks. I'm travelling at the moment. I'll be in London for a few more days before moving on.:plane:

    I hope you're likewise doing well?:thinking:

    I can certainly sympathize with a heavy study/work schedule!:bugeyed That's what these trips are for!:D

    I'm so glad you're back because we've lost a lot of members through the attrition of time and the fact that this is a forum dedicated to a deceased celebrity.

    So . . .



    P.S. It's obvious you haven't been on in a while because you posted on your own profile!:lol:
    Hi my friend!!!
    How are you?
    Thank you for your posts!!
    I've been away for a long time .... lot of work, study.
    But now I'm back.
    I completely understand how your course(s) at the university can cut into your leisure time, some of which, as you've stated, you'd like to spend here.:yes:

    I'm sorry to hear that you were upset about someone exploiting Michael. I know the feeling!:(

    It's good not to leave the books for too long when you're taking a course!:D

    Thanks, I will. You do as well!:)

    I'm doing fine and replying to your message after almost 2 months!:bugeyed

    I still have the Christmas feeling . . . and the New Years feeling for that matter!

    I'm glad to hear your problems were solved!:)

    Thanks I had a great weekend that one in January and I've had some pretty good ones, some better than others, since then!

    I'd almost forgotten about that song!:D Thanks for the translation. It was so funny, it really made me laugh!:D As for your question, it's just a lighthearted juvenile ditty!:D

    Oh, and that was a very valuable service you provided, translating the trail transcripts into Portuguese. I hope everyone who benefited from your efforts thanked you for them.:)

    Yeah, I really missed you here and am so happy to here back from you after all this time.:) I thought you might have left for good!:bugeyed But I'm glad you're back now. Hopefully, you can visit more often.:thinking:

    Seriously, I haven't heard from you in a while so I'm keen to know if everything is fine with you?:thinking:
    It seems to be taking sometime to translate those lyrics!:bugeyed:thinking:

    I didn't know it would be as hard as Egyptian hieroglyphics:

    I need another message because:

    The song was a youtube recommendation that appeared after a song I was listening to ended! Great song, huh?!:D

    It was a good Sunday, thanks!

    Have a good week!

    You take care as well but hopefully you will check back sooner!:D


    I'm so glad to hear from you! It's been a long time! I hope you are doing well these days?:thinking:

    But just because you haven't met them that doesn't mean that good journalists don't exist!:D We mustn't be so egocentric as to think that our own experiences are the sole shapers of reality! But I hope you do meet some righteous journalists one day.:yes: But I have to ask you this: do you consider a journalist righteous only if he or she agrees with your point of view or has your code of ethics?:thinking:

    Actually, the standard of living has increased markedly in recent decades due to medical advances but because of this the genetic quality of the individual has declined because those with a predisposition to susceptibility are being artificially buoyed by all the advances. In the past, nature would have killed them off.
    I thought this news item might be of interest to you: World's oldest woman dies in Brazil at age 114.
    I have relaxed the strained relations considerably.

    Your present avatar is lovely.:)

    Take care.:hug:
    Thanks for your Easter message!:)

    I know this is very late, as I haven't logged in here for 2 months, but I would also like to wish you a Happy Easter!:D

    Thanks for your concern.:) It is appreciated. I needed to take some time off to catch up on things I couldn't attend to while I was on my trip. Frankly, I also experienced some strained relations with members here but I have resolved most issues in that regard.

    What do you have against journalists?!:D:thinking:

    I hope you are doing well these days.


    P.S. Your avatar is beautiful. Where is it from?:thinking:
    Thanks for the educational and informative post. Despite my reserved nature, it has inspired me to someday attend a Carnival for the experience if nothing less. Prior to your post all I knew about the Carnival was what I gleaned from the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball!:bugeyed:D

    It is world famous so I've heard of it of course but I must confess I don't know many details. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me?!:thinking:

    Is it in anyway related to Mardi Gras?:thinking:

    I hope you have a good weekend as well!:)
    Except for one or two reversals, I am enjoying myself immensely.:) Thanks for asking!

    Isn't moving to a new place also like a vacation but a permanent vacation?!:D:thinking:

    I also have a couple of other questions:

    Did you move to your new place by choice or did circumstances dictate that you do?:thinking:

    Do you miss your old place?:thinking:

    Take care

    Oh, that's okay! You can take your time. I'm not your boss!:D

    Moving is usually quite a hassle. I hope your new place is safe and comfortable.:yes:

    I'm doing great. I hope you are too.:)

    Same to you.

    I was deliberately one day late with my Valentines Day greetings just so I could use this superb graphic I scanned from a Batman comic book!

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