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  • Aw, thank you!:D

    I'm having a great weekend so far. I'll tell you why in a moment!

    I hope yours is going well too!:)

    I am busy!:bugeyed

    I am glad you are doing well and I hope you have a great week too!:)

    Take care!:)
    Thank you for dropping by with a kind message!:)

    It's a shame that you changed your avatar!:(:D

    No offense but I'm glad you lost that bet!:D

    I think you will like those films I recommended.:yes:

    I read your comments in private message about Michael the album. I wasn't expecting a full blown review but I enjoyed reading them. Now you have put pressure on me to give my detailed impressions of the album!:bugeyed:D

    I'm glad to know the message was kosher!:D

    I hope your week is going well too.:)

    I like your new avatar!:)

    I may have mentioned this before (and I probably will again!:D) but my favorite films are Out of the Past (1947) and Mirage (1965)

    What else is there to say?!:bugeyed: I'm still interested in your opinion though.

    I'm glad to hear you had an enjoyable holiday season. I did as well, thank you for asking.

    Paulatm thanks so much for send me a Christmas card.
    And how was your Christmas? the mine was great... I hope you're doing well. God bless.
    Choose the movies you watch wisely!

    After all your hard work, you deserve a break!:D

    Have you posted your opinions of the new album or any of the songs?

    Have a safe trip! Bon voyage!:)

    I hope you have a . . .

    . . . as well!:)


    You're certainly making some Hollywood moguls happy.

    There's some very good songs on it but I think even better ones were left off.

    I am very happy to hear that your weekend went well and that you've been enjoying all those wonderful activities.

    It's good that you feel like a child but you shouldn't eat or spend like one!:D

    Yes, I'm ready. I know you are!:D

    You take care as well.:)
    What movie did you see?

    I have bought Michael but I didn't open it yet. Did you buy it?

    I hope you enjoyed the last weekend!:D

    The psychologist's explanation is convincing.

    Congratulations on your contract and on completing the report.:)

    I hope you are getting some well deserved rest now.:sleeping:

    Regarding your PM, I have mixed feelings about him so I'm not sure I would have ever been eager to meet him.
    But perhaps you feel differently about him. Maybe your friends told you his answers or even shared photos?


    I just a finished another project as well so I have some more satifaction.:yes:

    Satisfaction is great at the end of other activities as well!:D

    Thank you for understanding my situation. In both our cases, although the work is difficult, the satisfaction is high when we have finished it, don't you agree?:thinking:

    I will pass along your compliment to the translator!:D

    What was this event that stirred such mixed emotions?

    Thank you. Same to you. I'm sure you will complete your projects satisfactorily and successfully.:)


    P.S. You're welcome for the help. I think Michael rather inspired the work.
    Sorry for the delay. I am very busy at the moment.

    Just as I finished one project, another one will soon be due!:bugeyed:D

    I am sure you will handle the situation perfectly.

    Your English is much better than my Portuguese!:D Seriously, you are doing well.:)

    I had a good weekend. I hope you have a productive week.:)
    Alô! Estou bem. como você está?

    Neste final de semana espero é diferente.

    O que não é acalmação?

    Penso que deveria aceitar. Você trabalhar duramente para você merece a relaxar!:D

    Alguém me Diga a sua decisão!:D

    I terminado um projecto ontem. Tenho alguns dias de trabalho irreflectida.:)
    O projecto vai terminar meu Deus!:bugeyed

    Eu não poderia traduzir este. Que se queria ir ao cinema mas não podia?:unsure:

    Espero que a sua semana é menos do que o meu estressante vai ser!:)
    EU também deixaram o meu projeto para o último minuto.:(

    Vou ser contido no computador!:D

    Espero que tenham mais tempo de lazer do que eu neste final de semana.:yes:
    EU deveria trabalhar. Estou procrastinante!:D

    Isto significa para trabalhar no futuro!:D:(

    I culpar ninguém com excepção eu.

    Agora devo ir.:)
    No I haven't met them!:(:D I like them both and they were in 'Jam' together!:happy:

    What does that mean? You can only watch short movies?!:D What about Lord of the Rings?!:D

    It's cool that you like basketball! That is my favorite sport! I followed Michael Jordan almost as closely as I did Michael Jackson! Jam!:D

    Yes I am "being good":D and my weekend is also going good.

    Make sure you follow your own advice!:D:yes:

    I don't watch films much as I used to but I, too, can switch from genre to genre and era to era, though generally preferring the 30s to 50s.

    I like pizza once in a while. Do you mean chocolate as a dessert or on the pizza?!:D

    I'm glad your trip went well. I'm sure your friends were happy to see you and vice versa.:)

    I have yet to visit Central or South America, I'm sorry to say. Last weekend was fine. Sorry for the delayed reply but I am very busy this month so it will take time for me to reply. Please don't be offended!:D

    I hope you have a good weekend!:yes:
    Because it's a stereotype that women like romantic movies!:D I'm glad to hear you have more refined tastes.:) I have never seen any of the Saw movies. I generally prefer classic films.

    I just had some pizza yesterday and today.:D What toppings did you have? I had a beef/vegetable/cheese topping on mine.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. Where are you traveling to?

    Bon voyage!:D
    Pensei mas queria ser tão certo.

    Eu vi a antevisão no youtube.

    Eu pensava que deseja romântico filmes!:D

    EU tinha pizza no final de semana também.

    O meu fim de semana foi produtivo.:)
    O que é que uma imagem de? É muito bonito.:)

    Qual foi o filme e você gostou? O que você comeu para o jantar e você gostou?

    Será que seus amigos fazer você pagar por estes dois prazeres?!:D
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