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  • I don't know a single word of the language so I had to google that!:D

    Please keep our conversation in English!:D:yes:
    Tenha um bom fim de semana.

    Hey, no worries, I just thought I had to point it out for your benefit!:D

    Go :sleeping:. You deserve it!:):yes:

    This is the first time I meet you online. :)
    Few people will agree with me about it.
    But if I have no commitment early ....and I have to prepare something, I stay until sunrise.
    And with the weekend coming up ....
    No worries.:)

    You're a night owl like me.:) I agree that the silence is very conducive to being productive.
    Don't bother with the movie!:D

    I'm glad you love your life!:happy:

    We all have our duties like work but at that hour you should be :sleeping:

    As long as the "Wonderland" you "end up in" is not this one, because then you won't "love it," everything should continue to be well with you as well!:D

    ah vc gostou do meu avatar? que bom! :) Comigo está td ótimo graças a Deus, e vc tá bem? Me deixa por dentro das novidades com relação ao programa tá? Beijo
    Whether it happens or not will depend largely on socioeconomic conditions and how ethnic and class interests intersect. But you're right it's a long story!:D

    I am quite well thank you. I hope you are too.:) My weekend was great and my week is going fine . . . so far!:D I hope the same can be said for you.:)
    The author is American. He only mentioned the possible separation of those Brazilian states very briefly amidst the stream of his argument that balkanaziation and break up of large countries could very well likely be a continuing trend of the future given the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and the continuing secessionist movements in Britain, France, and Spain among others.

    I hope you have a good Sunday as well.:)
    -You are from there!:D
    -It's a big country, the largest in South America.
    -It's tropical.
    -It was a former Portuguese colony.
    -There's a large disparity in wealth; relatively few rich people and many very poor people.
    -The southern states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Parana want to separate from the north.
    -The rich environment particularly the rain forest (see 'Earth Song') is being degraded by agriculture, industrialization, and pollution.
    That being the case, is your favorite Michael Jackson then HIStory!:D

    I know there was some controversy when he filmed the HIStory song 'They Don't Care About Us' video in your country because it was shot in the slums. But you were very lucky that he came there for that purpose in my humble opinion.
    I forgot to add, congratulations on making your second friend.:) I don't have you all to myself anymore!:D
    I'm so glad to hear that and that you are "curious." I love history as well. I hope you have a nice day as well.:)
    I have to go now but I noticed you were on, at the same time as me for once, and so I just wanted say "hi." If you have time, please consider teaching a class on the Arthurian legend!:)
    Thank you for this mini-essay!:) I must confess I haven't read the story except for a short excerpts many years ago. I have only seen the two films so that's why I was curious about how faithful they were to the original source material. At some point, I'd like to read the original tales and look further into them although I doubt I'll ever be as much of an expert as you are. But, again, thank you for your message. It was a very informative read.

    I'm glad to hear your projects are progressing well. You take care as well.:):yes::hug:
    I understand how busy a schedule can get, so no worries. Whenever you feel like it is fine.:)
    I'm fine, thank you for asking. I hope you are too.:) You need to increase your post count so please post more when you have time!
    That's great to hear.:) I hope you stick around here. I'm sure you'll get a lot of support and make many more new friends.:)
    Sorry, I think you were trying to PM but my inbox is 100% full. If you could do so at MJJB, that would be great. Again, my apologies.:blush:
    Thanks for the request. It was my pleasure to add, although I'm not sure what I did to deserve the honor.:)
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