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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:) Wow, you haven't posted in sometime. Hope you're okay.:)
    :wub: & :hug:
    *hugss you both tighly ~

    pauline ~how are you ? i miss you hunny :heart:
    Hello pauline.. Sry. it's taken awhile to return your message. Very nice to have a new friend too. ofc I'll add you to my msn. I see we share a awesome friend below Wendi jane. love to you both! :D
    pauline .:huggy: aww...
    i misssss you tooo :lol:
    and thanx you for your lovely email reply~ i loved it ~soooo sweet . .yeppers ~i hope we can chat soon , ~thurs ? ..lets try to make it :wub: no worrys if we cant though ~.:angel:your still my sis :angel:i hope you are having a very good week,... sis ,
    volley ball ? .oooooooh:D.i love it too haaaaa.well sometimes ,:bugeyed,,,lovin you much :angel:and misss you , very very very ,.much.:dancin::angel:my lovely one :huggy:
    aha! it workz haaaaa ! why did they call the smiley beeee haaaaaaa ...sorry :lol:L:giggle:
    sorry ...:unsure:
    i love yo girlie im here tomotrw and sunday . i hope it works for you ?
    pauline :wub::wub:Love you girlie ...
    your message is sweet to me ,, can our next chat be tomorow ? maybe ...its when ever it suits you and i , i spose ,
    i miss you too sweetie . your message is so sweet :huggy:..thanx you for it ~~ im touched ~happy everyday too you to gal , and we will be strong, we will..ugh arrrrghghgh:weeping:its sooo hard... im sorry .....we will try... we will WILL . it ..k ,:yes: :beeee:<wanted to try this one haaa .
    im sorry , jLS i have on , and im ..the words are distractijg m e imm,llfjnshgjwehrjfhgwejrfwehgfgwegfwe .:lol: im on msn right now :lol:im..blah ya kno ? ok ...ok..:lol:
    its ok , i left you ogfflines :wub: i miss you ~i hope you are well and having a good week , yes the fam are well , and they are happy as they can be . :yes:
    thanx you darling .stay safe and well :better: and i dearly,dearly , clearly hope to yapp soon :yes::D:wub:
    gah ~:huggy:i miss you lil girl .
    please feel better soon :huggy:. i send you my love and healing for a special sisterfriend :wub: love you pauline ,. xoxox
    pauline :huggy:
    hiiiiiii ? i miss you girlie .
    i left you ms n offlines :wub:
    i hope we are able to spk soon ?? take care darling *huggys*
    huggs to a very speacail sister ,
    Wow I can imagine you need some sleep then.
    Well I've just watched a movie.
    I'm unemployed right now so getting a bit bored hanging around the house.
    Makes you wanna sleep all day, I feel tired of doing nothing.
    That may sound a bit weird but it's real haha.

    But how is camp? must be fun right?
    Hello Pauline.. I have been meaning to Thank You very much for commenting my poem for Michael.. in the Dear Michael Thread. :)
    pauline ..........
    hey sweetness , they are all doing well :lol:
    i love you ~i hope you are ok too . :wub:
    im on msn , and revcived your offlines , thanx you so much babes ,
    i hope that all is well there sweet sis , i miss you badly i hope to get the chance to talk to you soon xoxox.
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