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  • Wow I can imagine you need some sleep then.
    Well I've just watched a movie.
    I'm unemployed right now so getting a bit bored hanging around the house.
    Makes you wanna sleep all day, I feel tired of doing nothing.
    That may sound a bit weird but it's real haha.

    But how is camp? must be fun right?
    Hello Pauline.. I have been meaning to Thank You very much for commenting my poem for Michael.. in the Dear Michael Thread. :)
    pauline ..........
    hey sweetness , they are all doing well :lol:
    i love you ~i hope you are ok too . :wub:
    im on msn , and revcived your offlines , thanx you so much babes ,
    i hope that all is well there sweet sis , i miss you badly i hope to get the chance to talk to you soon xoxox.
    i wanted to hugg you and send you love ..ok ...send you love ,my truest sis love, cos we both need that :yes: . and a strong heart ~and blessings many ~ to a dear sweet sista .:huggy:(((((((((((((((:)heart:))))))))))))))))))))
    ive been on those cards again gal haaa:lol: though .
    hope your day/night is going well .am thinking of you . i have tea ! you my sis .stay balanced and rest like i will try to too.
    Oh thank you Pauline
    I went to Londong and to the 02 to pay respects to Michael on his birthday
    My concert date was on the 30th :( _ It was nice to be able to be there
    I felt so much closer to him and I left him a card and sent a balloon to heaven
    for him - Luv yu (hugs)
    Hi Pauline...thanks for keeping in touch :) my internet is slow & i haven't been here so much recently. last night i was in a show & didn't get to any mj events, but he was in my thoughts & i had a couple of nice conversations with people about him. my 3yo was telling people all day it is michaels birthday lol :)

    Hi Pauline

    Sorry for not sending you a message before. I have been busy making the plans for moving back to my home in Barbados.

    For MJ's day, I just plan to be by myself and focus on what he meant to me and to others.

    wow really nice ideas!
    Today went to the town to buy few MJ stuffs!
    I didn't send a ballon :( but Michael knows how much he means for me!
    Seeya! ;)
    Sorry! xD I replied on my page! xD :doh:

    Send a ballon ?? Yeah I heard about that! Why not!
    Will you join few words with the ballon ?? Like "RIP Michael" ??
    I have a friend here who's also a fan, so maybe she planned to do something and if she did, I will join her!
    Have a nice day too!
    I will probably send up a balloon for our Michael...with his name.
    Maybe one for my recently lost family members too.
    I'm a part of the video project for MJ as well.

    As for the party, I hope I have fun's suppose to be rainy most of the day.
    Take care hun and have a nice weekend. :)
    shame you could not of stayed in london. i would of liked to have seen u. maybe one day!.
    i hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.
    we will all make it special for dear michael.
    bless you
    and take care
    that sounds beautiful. and thanks for ur kind messages on my profile...and God bless u too ******Hugs**********

    u have a good day, also
    Hi Pauline! :)
    I'm doing ok lately. I don't feel so sad anymore. Thank God!!!
    On the 29th, there is some celebration going on in London, but I have so many experiments in my lab that I don't think I could attend... lol
    Hope you are well, too! CU! :flowers:
    hey :) ty for the message, not sure what im going to do tomorow, didnt have anything planned, so just gonna see how things go i guess :)
    hey..thanks for asking...glad to hear from u :)..i'm r u? i'm not sure, yet what i'll do. what about u, friend?
    heya ..nice to hear from you ..i am good thank you :) are you ?
    im going to london for the 29th. wot about u ? x
    hi i am ok just been busy
    on michaels birthday it will be just a normal day for me but i will do my bit and have abit of music and the usual cake/champagne.
    hey, im ok. hope ur alright.
    On 29th my brother will be visiting so i'll just have to be thinking of michael on his special day.
    Hi, yeah im good thanks and yourself, I dont think I am doing anthing Aug 29th just yet, probs be in mjjc chat
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