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  • Hi,
    I never realize you're into Naruto, have you check out my artwork here and on my DA page? It was nice to have MJ/Naruto fan here.
    Hi, im doing really fine ..
    Its because im not alot on this forum =(
    How are u doing ?
    Oh great!
    Concerning myself, this year I have only 3 weeks of holidays!
    I already spent one week relaxing at home, but next week I'll travel to the ocean with friends! I guess we will have fun!
    Oh so you were in UK, did you enjoy it?
    Of course I can understand that it would have been better if Michael and the concerts was going on right now :(

    You know, I just love Asian culture in general.
    I think the architecture is wonderful, you know the Forbidden City, sculptures and dragons... and just your alphabet is beautiful and unique.
    It has so much "identity".
    hello, thanks for the message.i'm ok.........don't think its getting any easier but trying to take my mind off it sometimes and keeping busy

    how are you? xx
    Hi Pauline! :) Thank you for the friend request!
    How are you today? Love meeting new MJ fans.<3
    I am just going to stay close to home. I had plans to go there the end of september but those plans are now of course not going to happen.
    Did you go see the o2 arena while you were there?
    Hello :) Which friend was it? And yes of course I'll add you. Thank you for your friendship request (I am assuming it is you, I haven't looked yet).
    Hi Pauline! :)
    I'm from Sweden.
    It's OK over here, how are you doing? :)

    Oh so you're from Hong Kong - That's nice!
    I've always wanted to travel to China (and Japan) :)
    Oh geez! I don't blame on you for anything! It's great that Michael has new fans, it's a great thing, not a fault. OK! Just feel free and relax girl!
    Im from America, nice to meet an international fan... how r fans dealing with Michael's passing in China?
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