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    performace vs Rehearsal

    thx for the video, yep.......that's sad,makes me so down... Tell me, why you die??Michael i can't 100%accept of your death until now. Sorry>
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    is this true that this is it movie is in 3D?

    wow, that's cool~~~ can't wait that when it will be show in HK. Plz be more quick...haha
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    cant stop crying :(

    hugs to you, it's painful everyday...
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    Has Anyone Seen the movie "Man in the Mirror"?

    i have heard it but never watched it... is it really horrible?????????
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    What Michael Song Is Playing In Your Head Right Now?

    Right now is You rock my world "my life, never be the same. coz girl you came and changed....." it's one of my fav song.
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    Check Out This Tribute

    really a good tribute. I'm in a tears.... Thx for sharing
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    'Invincible' is Incredible.

    um.....this one give "fresh" and i think it's new of his style. That's good, Music will not stand at same point forever, it will change with time. Inside it, my fav are "Whatever happens", "Heaven can wait" and "You rock my world" so awesome^^
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    Katherine's book about Michael ?

    oh....i'm first time to hear about it. can anyone post the pic of bookcover here???
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    aw....yes, i'm much better now^^ bless you,friends

    aw....yes, i'm much better now^^ bless you,friends
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    How much are you into Michael?

    i will listen the other too, but i love him the most... no one can measure up him~~~
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    Hi, vince~~ mm.....he will. bless you, fd^^

    Hi, vince~~ mm.....he will. bless you, fd^^
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    Strange coincidence: MJ still to be buried on his BIRTHDAY - according to Chinese Calendar

    wow, that's really unbelievable~~ really so strange on me too, haah July15, why it's on the same day, so fortuitously!!! Although Michael be buried, but he's still alive in the world.
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    "Almost Hear You Sigh" My Tribute to Michael

    a beautiful pic and thx for the video~~~
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    Awesome Mj speech not shown by the Media

    that's truly from his heart... really awesome~~ Thx for posting
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    Are there have a miracle in the world?????

    but so sad that it haven't happened