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  • Pao! you there? long time no see hun...You have no idea how much I've missed you all this time. It's been ages, years actually without knowing about you. I come to think of it and I can hardly believe all the time that has passed since we met and shared our feelings during the hard times right after Michael's passing.
    Where are you now? back in Chile, still in the UK...somewhere else? I hope wherever you are, you're just doing fine dear friend. Please take good care.
    I'm really looking forward to hearing from you Pao! Hugs :)
    Just thinking about you and checking in to see how you are doing. :)
    I hope all is well with you! :hug:
    Hi Paola! How are you?? It has been so so long since I have been on here. :(
    I am doing pretty well! I miss you too, and I hope things are going great for you.
    Well take care, and talk to you later! :hug:

    Whuuut! That's weird! So only 'cuz of the name change you got blocked? :blink:
    Hope they get it back soon. Good to hear from ya!
    Paoooo! :) Where has your Facebook gone?
    Hope you're doing okay!
    OM, I just realized you are not a friend. I will send to you. I hope you accept?! :angel:
    You are hilarious! And I agree. We call it the "back room" here. The room of doom. LOL!!! :rofl:
    Dear Paola, thank you for writing to me. :hug: I am going to go to bed now. I am feeling really tired and weak right now. And I am missing Michael so much. As I do every single day since that horrible day. The only times when I am not missing him is when I am asleep. I am always thinking and crying over him because I just miss and love him so much.How are you doing? I hope you are okay. I am truly grateful for your friendship. Thank you. Many hugs. Love always, Fran. :heart:
    Hi Paola,

    How are you?
    Thanks for the rep! :huggy:
    Take care! :give_heart:

    Diana xx
    Oh, are you the Paola that's translating the HTWFC website? :D
    I'm Bianca, haha!
    Thanks for being a wonderful person to talk to during tough times. Your friendship is valuable, and I hope it'll last for a long time.

    I love you, Paola! :hug:
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