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  • yeah, that's true. The "bad cop" thing is not a big factor, thankfully. 99% of the time, helping the board function and just having fun with the other members is the main thing :)
    You'll do a marvellous job maintaining the relaxed, loving/fun atmosphere :)
    Aww, sorry that it closed :( I've run message boards myself in the past, and it can be a lot of fun. As for being a party killer, of course, if/when that ever needs to happen, I will not hesitate to take on that role. My job now is to help make sure the forum runs as smoothly as possible, and if that means being the bad guy once in a while, well, so be it!

    And thanks, I think so too :lol:
    :eek: No sense of humor? :(

    Ah, I know you're kidding. No, I won't be bossy. I like to have fun! :D
    I was only kidding ;)

    And yes, yes he does. I'm sad that Qbee & Ivy have left, but I'm glad to have been given this opportunity. I really was not expecting it- but I look forward to what I can do. Now I can and will help make this listening party all that it can be :)
    I am :) It did just happen now. I was talking to Gaz about the whole listening party idea and yes, POOF! And no, I didn't know. I'd never heard anyone call him that before.

    Don't hate on me :lol:
    Shows how much I know. Who's Jerma? And really, is Katherine about to pull that crap? Since Michael entrusted her with the kids, I thought better of her than that. Now I'm not surprised why he trusted his estate to an outside party. The family would have squandered every penny they could :(
    I'm adding you on there RIGHT NOW! ;)

    I figured it must just be a British thing- like on some TV show he was watching. He did mention a couple days ago that Jermaine was on Celebrity Wife Swap, so maybe that's what he's talking about? I could care less about that whole hoopla anyway :lol: Do your thing Jermaine, I'm not paying any attention to you.
    Uh-oh... did I insult you? :lol: I'm j/k. Who are you that I responded to? Trine?
    Hej Trine,
    længe siden jeg har set dig online, håber alt er okay med dig ;)
    knus Karen
    Hej Pimboli - jeg så, at du skrev på dansk til Karen - som jeg kender vældig godt - dejligt at se endnu en dansker her <3
    Betelgeuse <3
    Okay, har du nogensinde set Michael live? Jeg har desværre kke, men til gengæld var jeg inde og se The Jacksons. Det var bragende godt.
    Thanks for the friend's request..........gladly accept. :wild:

    And just to let you know........I believe every patient needs TLC: Thorazine, Lorazepam, and Compazine. :rollin: :D
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