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  • aw...i will online MJJC too~~~
    but i think i will join some celebration activities here, i'm not sure...
    will you send a ballon to Michael???
    i think there will have some of his fans do it tmr, and of course me too^^
    hope you have a nice day tmr~~~~~
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    what will you do on 29August,2009???????
    hi again unity. as a moderator perhaps you could plz tell me how I can access the chat forum?
    as in live chat? Whenever I've tried I just get incorrect username/password but I am typing the same that I use to log into here so don't know why that is?
    Thanks in advance for your help to reslove this!
    Hi. Thanks for removing that rather unworthy question from the site just now.
    As one mjjc user said we come on here to get away from such ''tabloid'' type questioning!
    Thanks again.
    unity hi

    It definitely has been a long time.

    I feel like im catching up with my friends here on such horrible circumstances :(

    I hope u are holding up ok.

    And i hope to talk to u soon.
    Hey! Yep we sure do. (peeks in MJJC again) I've been really busy but hopefully we can chat soon :)
    hi unity !nice to meet you , thanx you for accepting my friend invite
    wibbly gold fish !:wild:
    Pshh I'm cool. I'm just tryna to finish up some school courses and get ready for the next ones :lol: I just realized; when we gonna talk again? Been awhile like since, October I think? Anyway, take care and happy new year.
    Hey :) Yeah all is good thank you. How are you? Yeah that would be good, we all havent had a group chat in a while :eek:
    Hey i am doing quite well! I have just been so busy with school last semester, so now i am relaxing and enjoying the holidays at home hehe. What about you? What have you been up to?
    Hi Josh....
    You still having trouble with your paltalk? I saw that you mentioned about it in the thread, I was having loads of trouble with mine freezing a booting me out of the room :lol:
    Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling?
    Hey Josh! I was wondering where you were at!? Haha my gosh! I am glad you are still alive and well, hopefully we'll speak sometime soon! *Hugs* My sister and I are hitting a Janet Concert tonight! Yesterday she played here in Vegas but we're going to San Diego! Hopefully I'll being back pictures for you :flowers: :wild: :wild:

    Good to hear from you Josh! Please take care!

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