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  • :wub:
    hello my lil seahorse :seahorse:
    :D LOVE YA LIV:cheeky:
    but lol if you'll find it please let me know which one Is that!!!!!:bounce:
    and a gif for ya! ya deserve it right here on your profile!
    Cool. But I didn't get a message saying I've been added. That's odd...

    Aw, cool. I haven't seen Space Jam for years. Great movie. :D
    I haven't been doing much either. lol. It's been pouring with rain all day. So i've just stayed indoors on my computer. xx
    hi sweetie (((((((((((((((((((((((((:)huggy:)))))))))))) i reccived your pms ty :wub:
    im at moms at the moe , trying to get msm to work ...with no luck . il be back home tonight though .
    hope you are ok :wink:
    i love your pms .ty so beautiful and true :heart:. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you gal ,
    aw....i feel the same way too,
    and of course, its so hard........
    wow, its so good, go to london, you can join some Mike's birthday party orangised by his fans in there, um...i just heard this from my friends in there
    29/8 is Michael's birthday...and i think i will join some celebration activities about Michael in HK on that day
    you know, i'm just come back form london, if i'm not need to go to school, i think i will stay in there more ~~~
    the ambience in london is better than HK, i can find something about Michael in there so easily... so i really want i can stay in there until 29August...
    can you understand me???
    hi, so far haven't to see you...
    How are you doing???
    Hope you all well^^my friend
    and what will you do on 29August,2009???????

    Sure ^^ That would be alright. Great that you asked first. What kind of event site is it? Just curious. Also do you need the link for the avatar?

    Take care! :sorcerer:
    i'm good, thanks... i do have msn, but i don't go there often... but i have facebook...the link is on my contact info
    not a problem at all :) I have my days as well, soon as the kids get home, I will be ready to jump down everyone's throat for looking at me :lol:
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