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  1. A-Z of everything MJ

    Fame. :D
  2. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Re: Did MJ have ANY faults? I can understand what you mean about the money thing, but I think you have to keep in mind that MJ just wanted this whole thing to go away. I think it was in the Diane Sawyer interview (I might be wrong) but he claims that he was not guaranteed to be seen as...
  3. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Re: Did MJ have ANY faults? Not really. Look at my previous posts on this forum. Back in '08 I used to have a youtube channel dedicated to MJ, not a troll, a fan who idolises MJ a little too much.
  4. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Re: Did MJ have ANY faults? What I meant by that was I didn't want people to think I was trying to start an argument/encourage MJ bashing, because speaking about someone's flaws isn't bashing, as all humans are flawed and he wasn't perfect.
  5. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Re: Did MJ have ANY faults? Not quite sure I follow.
  6. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    Just to make this clear, this ISN'T an MJ bashing thread! He was human after all, but I find myself putting him on a pedestal and thinking he was just the most perfect person to ever exist, which just isn't healthy... or correct, because no one is perfect. As far as I know Michael just had a...
  7. Can anyone find the original picture?

    Omg thankyou so much. Wanted the middle picture so bad, he looks too good! :)
  8. Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    This is a good response, I see your points. It is hard to say, because I remember in the Glenda tapes, he does at one point say 'yeah, I'm happy with my face and stuff', so his self confidence probably wavered here and there like any other person's does and may not have been related to a mental...
  9. Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    I don't think anyone is trying to coldly analyse him, personally I offer my input as an attempt to try and understand Michael a bit more - no-ones saying he does have this, doesn't have that etc. - it's just a theory. It's very true that he may have just been insecure and that's as far as it...
  10. Remimbering of news on TV July 25, 2009

    I remember I was watching the news with my family and friend, and we were all absolutely speechless. At the time I was not a hardcore fan, yet his death was absolutely shocking. I remember the feeling in the room of just a collective shock and sadness.
  11. Whats the last video games/or games you played?

    Pokemon Go! Yep, it's really crazy everywhere. :lol:
  12. What was MJ's most introspective song?

    Stranger in Moscow has always made me deeply sad when listening to it. It's a great composition but the lyrics are so hard hitting - you can tell they are coming straight from MJ's heart. One of the most harrowing lines I find in the song is: "Take my name and just let me be" It's a true...
  13. What was MJ's most introspective song?

    I was listening to 'Someone Put Your Hand Out' - I feel this one is pretty insightful to MJ's mind. "I've lived this life pretending I can bear this hurt deep inside" - MJ may be referencing his personal struggles, or the hounding of the media. "Someone put your hand out I'm begging for...
  14. Your Favourite era of MJ

    BAD Era! I think MJ produced some really good music and short films during this time, I think he was also a happier, less troubled person - 1993-onwards MJ was plagued by the media. He was also smokin' in the late 1980's ;)
  15. Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    It's true that we don't know any of it as fact, but I think the speculation does make sense. People who suffer from BDD often fixate on a flaw of theirs - MJ has expressed how his father made him feel extremely self conscious about his nose, and the various surgeries he's had on it could reflect...