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  1. Ultimate Collection Content

    I honestly think of all the unreleased stuff that appeared on it, they could have done a better job adding more to this, or just hanging on to everything for future releases. I mean, The Way You Love Me & Sunset Driver both appeared on it, and eventually got re-released on other projects...
  2. What were the most coveted songs in the vault prior to Michael's death?

    I'm going to go back to about 2008, 2009 for songs I think us fan community knew of, but haven't heard yet. Streetwalker, Fly Away and For All Time having been released already at this point, so those to me don't count. Al Capone Man In Black Buffalo Bill Price Of Fame Throwing Your Life Away...
  3. Dream Posthumous Album

    I did this a few years ago after the debacle of the Michael album, and some of the tracks on Xscape I didn't care for instead of versions that didn't get released (2010 versions), so I combined both albums together (minus the controversial tracks, and added a few others that were on Ultimate...
  4. Extra Album?

    2 things. 1st I'd redo BOTDF and make it a proper album. Ditch the remixes, and add to the original 5 tracks with other tracks, songs around that time period such as On The Line, Do You Know Where Your Children Are, Slave To The Rhythm, Blue Gangsta, Mind Is The Magic, etc. As far as another...
  5. Chicago 1945 82, 83 or 86....? Thriller or Bad Era? :/

    IMO, it's a Bad outtake. If it was recorded after the release of Thriller, it doesn't make it a Thriller era song.
  6. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Na, Niteline has a great groove to it. It's a quintessential MJ early 80s track. For me personally, I'd rank the 4 Thriller outtakes Hot Street Niteline Carousel She's Trouble
  7. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    You completely misinterpreted what I said. No where did I say there were too many producers for songs. I was talking about the album as a whole. For the 1st 4 albums, he had 3 or 4 people (himself included) tops to arranging an entire album. With HIStory and especially Invincible, it's like he...
  8. Simple question, have you listened to the 2 new leaks?

    Yes. Chicago is pretty good. Dream Away is gonna have to grow on me. It's meh
  9. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    Created my own Thriller 40 playlist to give the release a little more life. What we ended up with was a bit underwhelming IMO. You'll notice I added State Of Shock & There Must Be More To Life Than This in the playlist. These are both versions featuring the late great Freddie Mercury. Hot...
  10. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    Just listened to Drake's Don't Matter To Me and honestly I'm not impressed...and forgive me but exactly where does Michael show up? If they autotuned him, then shame on them for doing so because to me this does not feel like a MJ track, nor do I hear him in it.
  11. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Too many cooks in the kitchen as far as producers. When it was Michael and maybe 2 others working with him, times were better. Also too many songs of similar style thrown together. The album needed better spacing of music genres between one another.
  12. Michael Jackson Estate Reveals Confidential Project in Works

    My belief is it's something like the Vegas or Broadway shows. I don't see it being new music..especially with T40 out now, and highly doubt the estate needs to get a courts permission to release music. On another topic at hand, not sure if anyone heard or noticed, SiriusXM brought back the...
  13. The Estate should do CGI and/or 2D animated short films/concert specials

    As for as a hologram thing, I'm fine if they never do that again. Slave To The Rhythm was bad on every level. If they do an animated video, I'd be ok with that. I've been saying for years since The Gorilla's came out with Feel Good Inc, that Michael's estate could do something like that. Hell...
  14. SiriusXM exclusive Michael Jackson channel

    Ive been saying this for years. Don't understand why he doesn't have one yet. My guess is the Estate is holding this back.
  15. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    But the fact the estate puts something out, just for the sake of putting something out, rather than take the time to make it special and worthwhile is what's frustrating. To many, myself included, it seems more time and effort was put into past releases. For this one, they just selected a...